Bike shoes for fat feet

Not for me, I love all my shoes.

My mate has massive slabs of meat. Only size 10 but wide and high.

Any suggestions for him? He’s just getting into the sport.

Oh, I can do this. My feet are size 11-12 and wide indeed…

Giro do a whole line of wide size shoes. They call them HV (high volume).

Or…Shimano have always done good wide sizes for big plates. Even their standard size s-phyres are a good fit for me.

Northwave are another brand that as standard seem quite wide. My winter boots are snug but plenty big enough for fat feet.

Hope that helps.

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Lake shoes are amazing, and they do wide versions. I love my cx332.


Cheers, I’ll report back.

An older model of the Mavic cosmic has lots* of adjustment around the front foot (*more than most)

I reported back, he nearly shit himself, they all cost about the same as his bike :joy:


If he has the dollar, fizik just brought out a new wide fit. They look lively as well.

I think mine are wide fit Gaerne.

Specialized TriVent - these are over a decade old now and still going very strong. Only used for races.

Shimano RC7 Wide Fit - sweet mother these are nice. However, you need to put a little Velcro on the tongue and top strap, as the tongue has a tendency to slide. These fit much nicer than the normal fit RC5s (which are less than half the price and also a good training shoe)

Was reading this with interest as I need some new shoes and have wide feet. Like @PCP mate said…shit the bed. These are all very expensive! :joy: :see_no_evil:

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Not really, my TriVents have lasted over a decade and were second hand when I bought them

I get that but They are for someone just starting out who may do 1 year.

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All shimano shoes are regarded as wide. I have expensive ones but also entry level shoes I use on my spin bike with SPDs.

Anyway, wiggle appear to have exactly the same ones in stock in a 44 right now which should be his size for £70 (maybe you could buy them for him and get the 12% off)…

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Cheers mate.

Another Hobbit foot here, Sidi do a specific wide fit irritatingly called Mega, these are super wide.




My Northwave normal width winter boots are a great fit (just a shame they take a week to dry out!)

Lake shoes, got some half price a couple of years ago. Great for long distances with my duck feet (sadly I don’t swim like a duck)