Bitten by fish!

Anyone had this experience before?
I’ve been away in the Yorkshire Dales all week on a family holiday and on Monday morning drove over to Semerwater for a swim. I’d been in for about 50 mins when I felt something on my foot. Initial thought perhaps another swimmer had got in and swam up to me and was tapping my foot to say hello. Next thing I know I’ve got something biting down hard on my foot. I totally freaked out and started kicking like crazy imagining some river monster was after me. Made my way back to shore full of adrenaline and a foot that was very painful and going numb.
When I got out I found teeth marks on the upper side of my foot near my toes and another big puncture wound on the underside of my foot near the arch.
Suddenly my river monster fantasy didn’t seem so crazy. Reckon it must have been a pike and one big enough to get my whole foot in its mouth (and I’ve got big feet).
Got it washed and antiseptic on it and although it’s not infected it does still hurt a few days later.
Found stuff on the internet about pikes biting anglers when they’re trying to land them but nothing about swimmers.
Went back in again this morning and didn’t get nibbled again but wasn’t much fun spending the whole time wondering if I’d get eaten!


Sorry, but first have to laugh. That’s a funny story.

I’ve been bitten/sucked by catfish whilst swimming in various lakes in Oz when i was travelling. Also i remember when snorkeling in Malaysia/Borneo there was this little coral fish that was agressive as sin. He/she was only about the size of your palm, but had these big old coral munching gnashers on the front that gave one heck of a nip! VERy territorial. It was actually quite funny sitting on the beach waiting for other people to snorkel over to his/her patch and watch the resulting yelps as this little tyke starting biting away! They weren’t super painful, kind of like a crab pinch, but enough to leave red marks/occasionally draw blood.

I’ll also often get my feet nibbled when paddling/swimming in the local rivers, but that’s by tiny little fish. Some people pay for that sort of thing!!

Never heard of a full on pike chomping down on a foot though!

Always had an irrational (?) thought that seals would do the same when they’re swimming near you in the sea, just playing about.

Yeah, I have to say although it wasn’t nice at the time the enjoyment I’ve had telling the story has more than made up for it.

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I’ve heard stories of kids sitting with their feet in the canal and pike having a pop at them but I’m amazed they’d come near a swimmer with all the thrashing going on.
Just did a quick search and came across a few stories including this one:

Eeek & I kind of wish you hadn’t shared that!

Never been bitten by a fish, but I have been dive bombed and pecked on the head by a seagull. That was scary enough.

It’s not far from me and they have a swim event there every year now too.

Crayfish at South Cerney have had a nibble on me before, but to be fair I have chomped on a fair few of them too:grinning:


You can’t get much more American than that!!!

Have looked at Semer water a few times as there’s a tri and an OWS. Will be a lot more nervous now!

Anyone wondering why Trump got elected; Exhibits A, B and C


Not sure you can blame exhibit C (the fish)

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Bonus points for the cameraman and his playing of Guns N Roses !


My mate keeps sending me pictures of snakes that runners see. One was seen swimming in our local OW venue. I suggested nuking the site from orbit to be sure.

Now there are fucking bity fish in the lakes.and rivers.

Bollocks to that. Duathlon for the win.


Oh God. Wish I hadn’t read this thread. :cold_sweat:

I nearly ran over a 3 foot long snake out on the bike the other night. Slithering straight across the road it was. Consciously I know they’re not really dangerous but I was twitching as I went past it :scream:

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This was doing the rounds a few weeks back, think it was somewhere in Sussex.


FUUUUUUUUUCK. Nuke that joint as well.


Hmm :eyes: I’m swimming Coniston this weekend and wish I’d not read this post!

I’m not sure what’s worse - when you can see nothing or when you can see everything.

I think swimming in the sea when there’s a drop is probably the worst :hole:

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Nooooo, although I’ve done Wensleydale a few times and swam in Semer, I’ve never experienced that before.
Helvellyn this Sunday in Ullswater, I may just be looking behind me…