Black Friday Event Deals

(well assuming 2021 happens obvs!)

25% of all UK Tri e.g. ‘Ultimate’ IM etc

The only UK IM to run in 2020 :sunglasses:

Think castle tri have 35% off from tomorrow. Thinking about Castle Howard gauntlet end of July. Yorkshire’s never given me a bad race experience yet…


Castle Howard might be a good shot at changing that though. Ok, harsh, the lake is weed crawling but the rest is good. :slight_smile:

You should have been there at the infamous Rubicon. That would have done it.

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Yes I did hear tell of it. That and the first Leeds triathlon fiasco I’m glad to have avoided.

Oh yeah, I did that one as well. Lucky me.

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They ran both Halfs too: ‘Ultimate’ in Whitchurch in June and the smaller ‘Shropshire’ in nearby Ellesmere in Sept.

FWIW, I was the Shropshire Half M55 champ in 2019!