Bletchley Park

Go there.

There’s also some “computer stuff”. The origins of our modern life/my entire career.

The bikes are super cool too.


went there a couple of years ago…excellent piece of history…


Again I agree with ejc. Would not have liked to work in those huts consumed in clouds of fag smoke though.

It was all I could do not to start acraping and oiling those steel bar brake ‘cables’

Gravel bikes the lot of ‘em! :wink:


Despite this being round the corner from me, and my career, and my love of Alan Turin, I’m ashamed to say I’ve only been once.

I really should go again.

There used to be a working Bombe machine there, Ive seen it in action, but I think it was moved to the National Museum of Computing next door which frustratingly is a seperate entity with its own entry fee. They have the Colossus as well.

It quite often gets flybys from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flights in the summer. Spitfires and Lancasters.

What was shocking a few years back when we first moved to MK was it was in a real state. Basically falling to pieces and the government did nothing, national lottery wouldnt fund it ( it did later but only after others had paid loads). It took the likes of Google and IBM and some rich philanthropist to pony up some dough to restore it.

Feel like watching The Immitation Game now as well.


We went a few years ago in 2018, absolutely tremendous place.

Much as we loved the code breaking stuff, it was the older parts of the site that I enjoyed the most, rather like the bikes.

We were staying in our favourite Landmark Trust property that trip which made it doubly memorable (Keepers Cottage just outside Bedford). :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’ve been. One of my best mates was based in MK on a rotation in the army, so we stayed at his officers shared house and did a trip to Bletchley. I recall seeing the main device whirring away in demo mode


Who’s this Italian bloke you keep mentioning?


Fucking auto correct. The dictionary on my phone sucks, if you misstype something it just adds it, even if its total bollocks and then the next time thats what you get.