Boardman bikes

Have Boardman stopped making high end (above their Halfords market) bikes?
Always loved the look of the ATT. They where well reviewed. :man_shrugging:

I thought the brand had gone altogether?

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So it is just Halfords then. They have a new 2021 range, but the top spec is a grand. Nice bikes to be fair but the old TT bikes looked ace. Sad times.

Was kind of inevitable when they sold out to Halfords.

Halfords aren’t doing too well, another 60 stores to close on top of getting shot of Cycle Republic and the Boardman Performance Centre. The motoring side is dragging it down.

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I’m not sure. I thought they’d gone but maybe I’m mixed up with CB selling the brand to Halfords?

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Surely the top end bikes would be sustainable with the Boardman name behind them?
If you discount the Halfords TT bike, the range started at £1700 ish up to how ever much you’ve got. Proper aero credentials! Shame they couldn’t carry on!

Never a particularly good brand, sadly. you need to pay top dollar to get well built frames…edited to say they need to pay top dollar…

If your talking about the proper Boardman bikes I’m not sure how much you’d call top dollar but the range went from 2k to 5k. If at that price they weren’t any good then there’s no wonder they’re finished. I’ve only ever had a Halfords Boardman so can’t comment on that. :man_shrugging:

I mentioned on another thread that I have an AiR 9.8 in the platinum paint, the same as the Bownlees had until Boardman pulled their sponsorship programme. RRP was always top end but you could always get them below that and for an aero bike it is was comfier than my Cervelo S3.


Isn’t the (new) Boardman wind tunnel facility in Evesham also up for sale already!?

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It is

I love my Boardman Air. Have been thinking of Specialized or Cervelo when I replace it, but for now my Boardman suits me just fine.

Boardman rode the first wave of the Cycle to Work boom with their £999 bike and their link to the Halfords cycle scheme. There were loads of Boardman bikes around back then.

Didn’t Nicole Cook win her Olympic gold medal on a Boardman too?