Bolt holes in top tube, near the stem

Just came across a top tube bag with fixing holes designed to fit into bolt holes on the top tube.

I don’t think I hav ever come across a bike with upward facing bolt hole mounts, next to the stem.

Anyone else come across this bizarre setup before ?

What percentake of biks have these holes - 0.1% or less ?

All cervelo TT bikes I think, and some Treks. Might be others.


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Literally every new TT bike has them.
They are de rigeur

Yep my P3 has them and I have an Xlab stealth attached to them.

Thanks all - never ever seen them before but that probably just shows how old I am and how long it is since I looked at a tribike (14 years i think)!

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I only know because I had a look last year when I needed a bike.

Gravel bikes have them, too.
But don’t get one of those :roll_eyes::wink:

Yeah got 'em on my P3 and I bought the X-Lab Stealth Pocket 500 to bolt on there.

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Bike and Bento Twins :love_you_gesture: