Bolton 70.3

I think TRO has just got tenth! :clap:t2:



FFS M50 winner did 1:25 off the bike! Assuming it’s accurate distance that’s not far off my standalone PB, where are these people coming from!




That’s a great run time.

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That’s a great race.

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Thanks, tough day. The bike really didn’t suit me as I’m an aero weenie not a climber/descender on rough roads. Would have been quicker on a roadie with clip ons.

Solid swim and run but definitely underpowered on the bike to trouble the pointy end of my AG.

M50 was stacked today, I would have placed higher in M40 and M45 - was 92nd overall with that 10th AG.

Saw TC trotting away on the run. Denim shorts obvsly……


There is a group that seem to have moved from M45 to M50 that seems to be really strong. It’s similar to me locally, especially running.


I think spooner and your super fast mate move up soon too?

I’ll be racing me next year and going for a target when I’m 55 if I ever race again.


I know those roads all too well, a tt bike set up so you can climb and more importantly descend on it is faster for most, but a few big hitters are now moving to roadies discs tubeless mostly due to the road surface.

Didn’t realise how big the field was, the people I’ve spoke to said the support wasn’t great but they enjoyed it

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Fairly sure Matt does next year, think Keith is another year or two and another mate who is only a year or 2 off I think, he’s easily a 17:20 5K runner, but his swimming isn’t great. Good cyclist though.

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Nice to see the oldies still shifting on.

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I’m only going to drop one name today.

I know a few who raced of varying standards.

Michael Seddon is not your average triathlete.

A lovely fella, not blessed with the best genetics for our sport, but a more determined man you will not find.

18 stone 8 this morning, he could have picked a flat one!


Just found out the that 70.3 WC slots rolled past my 10th AG in M50-54. There can’t have been more than 2 slots going. Seems folk don’t fancy travelling at the moment.


Had you gone home, or taken a slot?

Chickenboy took his from Weymouth.

Well played Michael Seddon, that would have been a tough day for him.

Time wise I made that course Wimbleball tough. Wimbleball run was tougher but I always made it short, it had more climbing but you could carry more speed on the descents.


Yep it’s shite slow, but certainly a challenge.

Mike beat the cut offs on the infamous 2019 bike course that was even slower/ more dangerous.

He stood with the wrestlers at the top of sheephouse in the rain this year, he’s bigger than them!

Never stops smiling and enjoys tri more than most it seems.

Ian D was one place in front of you 50-55 I think, think he will be surprised that it rolled that far.

Could be worse the race could have been today, hammering down in Yorkshire now


such a weird contrast to the full distance, loved it. This bike course is savage - main reason I came back, its a hoot, Such Fun.

similar field size, so surprised the support wasn’t up to the pretty good standards of the full distance (up til 2nd lap of bike anyway :rofl: :umbrella: :umbrella: :umbrella: :umbrella: :umbrella: :umbrella: :umbrella:) but it was still ok

Well done TRO :sunglasses:

Agreed roadie with clip ons would be more than fine for this. but its still always great fun getting the TT bike out and hurling it round this course (WCPGW :roll_eyes: :ambulance: )

Some damp patches from a shower werent great on some sheltered bends. Weirdly I felt more confident in the downpour in July, go figure.

Chuffed with a sub 1h40 run for me as my (road) running has sadly deteriorated, and I had a non responsive/dead calf/shin til first turnaround 3-4 miles, which was chuffing annoying. then got faster and faster so buzzing at finish.
I didnt find the sw1m long, I was 6-7 mins faster for my 1 lap then the 2 I did in July.
I am still in AWA (somehow :sweat_smile: ) and my bike was dead easy to find in T1 (racked next to jig formerly of these parts, who went well), as it was the only one left on my row :rofl: tho pleasingly no-one at all came past me on the bike (or if they did I got em back before the T2) so quite chuffed with that. :sunglasses:

Hammering down in Lincs this am too. We were VERY lucky

The Medal says One Off or One time Only or sumfink like that on the back, so maybe it really is (till the next one :roll_eyes: ) .
TShirt doesnt say owt like that tho - surely a missed opportunity for ‘Look at Me’ USPoints. :sunglasses:

As was the unbelivable absence of a Merch Tent :open_mouth: Was there no merch available at Weymouth last week?
Ev1l :wink: big MDot Corporation missing a chance to take our hard earned ca$h!!! Crikey the world really has been turned on its head. I blame Covid/Brexit/HGV driver shortage/The Lizard People etc :sweat_smile:


how far did it roll down to? :open_mouth: Utah appeals tbh, sposed to be a fab tough course? Tho apparently its a PITA to get flights there?, unusually for the US