Bolton 70.3

Main issue is the course is as boring as fuck and and the roads are awful. So the thought of a few shitty laps around about Bolton makes me wonder why anyone would pay premium IM prices when they could pay prob about £80 and do something far more scenic like Aberfeldy, swim in Loch Tay, burn along a county road etc… absolute joke. The only reason everyone did Bolton was because it was a kiddy slope IM - they’re not going to sign up for a half IM there. It’s like they’re deliberately trying to kill the brand … or the competitors

Ah fuck it. I’d love to wales again but the price of everything now


It’s probably the fastest possible course around there.
Not sure about the loop, but the road from flash to town is alright, as is the East-West main bit (?Chorley Rd?)

Not my vibe, but people complain at slow courses too.

Stenards comments will be spot on about people getting lapped on that loop.


Yeah, the roads from Flash to Chorley rd are fine for the most part, Chorley rd going eastbound is v quick too

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The road from Flash to Bolton is grim.
Quite easily the worst road in any triathlon I’ve ever done. I’m struggling to think of worse :person_shrugging:t3:

Although I did enjoy the town part and upper loop :white_check_mark::+1:t3:

Shame they’ve messed about with it so much and everyone ended up doing different courses, now we’re left with this monstrosity.

@stenard is bang on about the swimmers and quicker cyclists :boom::bangbang:


People are saying as much.

It’s the fastest course they could design in that area, but as poet says the road From Leigh into Bolton is pretty awful surface wise, and very
“ Un scenic”

They are all planning on spectating but very few signing up ?!

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Was toying with entering ,but not bothering now

run course looks pants also


I’d say 40/60 against for me now.

Be nice to go sub 5 at 55, but that course is probably still a touch hard for that, I need a sundowner or a Deva 70.3.

Only plus is it’s very local. Tom R has entered so no one’s winning it unless the pros turn up


It looks shite. Could have done a loop over the moors like Horwich Tri at least


am guessing unless something changes drastically for future years could se the plug being pulled on “BOLTON” in coming years

I think that’s what they’re trying to do.

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Nothing substantive to add other than I genuinely lolled at “kiddy slope IM”.

Glad I picked Lakesman over this though.


flat. boo. The lairy Bike course was the main attraction. Shame. Tho I can see why they’ve done it, to avoid deterring numpTs.
So glad I’m missing it for first time since 2010. (there’s Ultimate and Northumbrian full IMs on that day instead.)

I didn’t do the first IM in Bolton as it clashed with EnduroMan double. natch.
anyway I’ve already done the ‘one-off’ :roll_eyes: 70.3 in 2021, when the Welsh socialists cba to sanction any events.
nb. There was only about 4 of us daft enuf to do both the full and half IM in Bolton that year apparently.


legend :clap: :clap:

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