Boxing clubs

Hi all,

Anyone know anything about boxing clubs?

I’m a bit suspicious but that’ll be media influence. Taking my son to try a teenagers lesson this evening in Croydon, don’t want him to come back a ‘roid-rage terrorist.

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Been to several over the years.

Good and bad, but mostly good, they really have saved some souls over the years, angry young guys that could have ended up with me telling them when to eat sleep and work.

Great fitness, and he will meet some good friends there.

The old school “ get in the ring kid” went out years ago, he will be safe and I’ll bet he really enjoys it.

Got my son on the pads from an early age, good to be able to defend yourself if you ever need too.

If he’s a natural you will be able to retire early and I’d like some free tickets for his first title fight!


It is many years since I boxed but my gym was great. I have been to one in Leeds and it was good too. The club I boxed for had a couple of pros but lots of good amateurs winning school boy and senior ABA titles. Everyone was treated the same and bullying wasn’t tolerated and dealt with very quickly. If people just wanted to do the fitness side of things then they didn’t spar but did everything else. Great camaraderie, especially with those you sapr with regularly. One of the pro’s worked as a doorman helped get me a job as a barman as I needed p/t time work. We weren’t mates as such but he knew I needed a job, so asked around without me asking or knowing. I loved it and was fit AF.


Cheers - anything to look for?

This one says the head coach was European champion and WBF World Champion which sounds impressive but you know it’s more about protecting the kids I’m concerned with than amazing skillz.

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Train with them?!

Your a fit guy, we all are compared to the general population, just don’t try and swim afterwards until your used to it.

Not sure if you would be allowed in these sick peado infested times, but if you get accepted they would allow it, maybe a few checks ?!

I used to really enjoy being a pad man for several guys and one girl! Of differing size and abilities

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I would be more interested to see their amateur boxing credentials, coaches with DBS checks, etc. I would just have a chat with them TBH. As a 18 year old when I went into he gym for he first time, with my best mate, I was really intimidated. Not by anyone there, just didn’t know what to expect. I found a welcoming, relaxed place with people training hard but no one taking themsleves too seriously. I have since done a few martial arts and found far more ego driven bellends in that world.


I quit kickboxing after full contact fighting for years and getting to a decent standard because of the head coach and the attitude he encouraged in the gym. I was too middle class and nice for him, not one of his ‘ard boys’.

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Well I’m here and fairly impressed. It’s a community looking thing, not Mickey’s Gym, and not a Drago in sight.

Full of kids though so I can’t train even if I wanted to.



Three guys getting busted for drugs or theft (I reckon) up the street while I was on the phone.

Son is loving it👍


Honestly, it is a great sport. We used to train in the gym a bit with a couple of the AUS Oly boxers and with a pro boxer/kickboxer. As well as being incredibly staunch and reliable (which you’d expect) I found them to be hugely interested in other sports and what they could learn from them.

I wouldn’t have changed my rowing for boxing, but I reckon I’d have swapped a fair few cross training sessions for getting in a gym and doing some sparring. We just used to put on the protective vests and see if we could uppercut each other off the ground.


@Mungo2 @pacha @altayloraus or anyone…boxing glove sizes…wtf?

It seems that all gloves are sold by weight not size. We got our son a new pair for his birthday today - it’s the right weight for his weight but he thinks it’s too small. So we can’t buy “a size up” the same weight it seems.

He’s 16 and hands a touch smaller than mine, and I’m usually a small/medium in normal gloves.

Can he hit like a southbound freight train?


Northbound freight trains are obviously harder…!


Are they for bag work, pad work or actual sparring?

For the first two 10 oz will see you right unless he has hand issues.

Bag gloves can go really low in weight but as he progresses, more power / pressure etc they might not be enough unless you wrap for every session.

For sparring… as big as possible, at first.

Hope he’s enjoying it.

He’s loving it - so much that we have problems getting him there looming when college starts! :sweat_smile:. He’s never been into anything until now, really.

So it’s right that they are not sold by hand size then?

I think we got the right ones, RDX have a size guide but it’s only by fighter weight, not hand size.


It goes on weight.

Ufc animals fight with 4 0z gloves I think, but they have to grapel etc so fair play.

Pros fight with 8-10 oz gloves depending on weight.

It’s great fitness and a brill sport to watch but tell him to keep his hands in his pockets in normal life, I’ve locked up a disproportionate amount of boxers over the years.

Obviously nice to know he can defend himself if all else fails.


Yes, restraint is part of what we’re hoping he learns but confidence is the key I’m looking for over fitness.

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He should get all three in equal amounts.

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Confidence and fitness sound good, but hope he doesn’t end up in restraints…

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I remember the first time sparring with light gloves before my first amateur bout. You certainly felt the shot more, a good incentive to keep the gloves up and head moving :rofl:

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