Boy for sale, I said boy for sale! Boy? I meant bike*

Hi all,

Before I delve into Facebook Marketplace, I thought that I would advertise my bike on here.

I’m selling my Ribble Aero 105 TT bike. When I say nearly new, it’s done about 30 miles, almost all of which on a turbo trainer. No dastardly ulterior motive, we’ve just moved house and it’s just clogging up space in the garage.

I’m 5’11, it’s a medium frame. That said, there was wiggle room either side for someone shorter / taller.

Please let me know if you’re interested and I’ll fire across the full spec, or let me know if you’d prefer to dive straight in with an offer! :smiley::smiley::smiley:


Is that your new garage??? :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

I wish! My mates is a bike mechanic and got him to give it a once over.

Not only is he brilliant at his job, but has OCD about cleanliness in his workshop.

Hi everyone.

Hoping for some advice…

… finally got my bum in gear and found a buyer on facebook.

What is the etiquette in this situation?

Bank transfer first, meet in the middle to pick up the bike? Or cash on arrival? Bank transfer afterwards?

Thanks in advance.

If I was the seller absolutely no way I’d accept a bank transfer after you’ve exchanged.

I doubt they would pay before seeing the bike. So a bank transfer at the time of exchange seems fair?!

Probably too much cash to carry and feel confident about it?

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If its collection in person, then for high value items like a bike, I would just expect them to be able to pay at the point of collection.

I’ve bought wheels and stuff in person, and either sent them money via paypal or BT. I did recently have the situation where I paid for my gf’s second hand bike after I’d collected it, but that was someone from my club selling it to me, and I think I’m well known enough in the club that they said for me to do that (they didnt have mobile signal in their buildings garage).

As a seller, I’d never let something go without receiving the cash first. As a buyer, for smaller value stuff on fb marketplace, I have taken a punt and sent cash in good faith. But that’s after a bit of research on the seller to try and establish they’re a genuine real person.

If you are selling remotely, then they can always pay via paypal services which gives them buyer protection, but you’d need to get them to gross up the payment, because as the seller you receive a net amount.

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Pay on collection before they leave. Confirming via apps/online that money is there. I tend to use PayPal for that because it’s immediate and only needs an email address.

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Thanks all for your advice, sound and logical as expected.

In almost all ways, I prefer your input than my own triathlon club!


This is my triathlon club!