Brake pads for carbon wheels

Looking for some carbon compatible brake pad recommendations for my TT bike.

SwissStop Black Prince. Also, before any races, sand the pads to remove any glazing built up during training (I use same pads for my alloy training wheels).

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Dry and flat: £4 cork pads. Proper basic. If you are TTing, then you don’t need to brake.

Undulating to hilly and dry, or mostly dry: £32 SwissStop Flash Pro yellows.

Hilly, or any chance of moisture: £32 SwissStop BlackPrince.

There is absolutely zero requirement to use decent brake blocks on a TT course, or when it’s dry or mostly flat.
Save the pad wear and buy pads for each occasion.

Where did you get £60 from?! I paid about £30 iirc; probably from the High on Bikes eBay shop. This listing says set of 4 in the description.

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Surely if it’s dry and flat then there won’t be much wear and changing pads is limited benefit. Plus I’m lazy…


Also one more question. I’ve got those integrated TRP brakes, are the normal Shimano/SRAM fitting pads going to work or is it a different fitting?

They work just the same

Thanks, ordered a set. Hoping new wheels come soon so I can try them out before the TT bike is consigned to the turbo all winter.

£60 includes shoes :+1:t3:

Given how long it’s just taken me to change the rear brake pads I’m definitely not changing them depending on weather. BB mounted brakes and had to take the crank off to do the right side. PITA

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That does sound like a pain! Fortunately, whilst the Speed Concept Gen1 BB cabling is a complete PITA, changing pads is okay.