Brian Fogarty

Doing pretty well in the National 12 hour event updates I have seen he is leading

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How did Skipper do in the 50?
And Gossage on her Everesting?

Just keeping tabs on my Helvellyn rivals :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I’m not sure what the courses are like but I’m expecting him to give Joe a close run.

He held 301 w average for IMUK
To get a 5:11? Bike?

Skipper held 280? For 12 hours, I think he’s heavier but possibly more aero?

The course was changed yesterday, more elevation, and they have had three downpours , two of my tri friends are racing …!

Be amazing but unexpected if he gets near the new record.

So 370ish FTP.
Maybe not far off Skippers power as not having to run?

The obviously course change and weather won’t allow him to get near same distance.

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Must admit I know of Foggi but not much, saw him on the update For the 12, a few in the time trial world know of him but Nowhere near the profile of Joe Skipper. They are both axes on the bike and Twitter links Matt Bottrill and Foggi so he has been doing the work for sure.

Won’t get the record but if he wins that would be a shock in the TT world

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Our resident mathematician @24HourMaths has worked his magic for us and ranked the riders as they were heading to the finishing circuit. Half the field have finished now, not long to go.


From the Twitter page

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Foggy will need to go deep to crack 300. I’ve heard the course is nowhere near as fast as the Breckland so no comparison meaningful.

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Looked at the 100 times and thought that he might have gone out too hard, however looks like if anything he’s pulled out more time in the second hundred.

Wonder if he’s using the 60T single ring set up again :thinking:.

Course is nowhere near as fast as the Breckland, and there has been some poor weather during the day.
Adam Wild has been very good this year anyone who goes beyond him is a top quality rider

My mates just finished
19.6 mph

That is a huge jump up for him…!

Go on Timmy


That’s saying something!
Did you see their Twitter page?

Looks like he was beaten into second place at the end by Adam Wild,

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Lost to a mechanical!

From Brian’s Facebook -
Yesterday I decided to have a go at the National 12 hour Time Trial Championships. With all the uncertainty going on in Triathlon i thought it was a good opportunity to focus on this. I must admit I found it mentally tougher than any Ironman I have done. I lead the race all day only for a mechanical in the last hour to cost me the title. Gutted :pensive: but I know I gave my all and it just wasn’t meant to be. I finished 2nd with a distance of 293 mile on what was a tough course and at times very challenging weather conditions. I couldn’t have done it without the help from my brothers Richard Fogarty and Ryan Leaf such a huge help. Massive respect to everyone who finished.
Big thanks as always for the support especially in these last 6 months.
*Fogartys Insurance
*RD Wright Ltd
*Summit Physio