Brownlee to race Ironman Ireland

I know HW has won swim primes at Kona, but when doing so he’s only been swimming with Frodo (2016). I would have assumed AB was at the very least on a par with them. He’s always been one of the stronger swimmers on the WTS circuit, no?

Maybe I’m pipe dreaming, but I had always thought AB’s presence at Kona could mean Amberger has an incentive to push again (like he did 2 years ago) rather than just sit in the pack, as he might then have someone to work with early on the bike rather than be out on his own on an island (literally).

Marino V will be strong on the bike I think, maybe losing his edge elsewhere perhaps (age). He dominated Austria, and that’s a pretty up & down course. AB will have plenty of company should he wish to cut his teeth sensibly. He’d probably be wise to ride with the group and see what the run brings.

It will be interesting to see how this event goes. My gut feeling was that its light would shine brightly for a year or two, then fade away, due to the sub-optimal location in Ireland. Schauen wir mal

the comment about sub-optimal location was levelled at IM Wales early days (where’s Tenby? can they provide sufficient accomodation? can you buy bread in Pembrokeshire?? kind of thing…) but here we are 8 years on and it’s still dragging big numbers in as it’s a bloody tough event and superbly well supported by locals, although bypassed by many of the top pros who’d prefer sun, heat and pussy courses.


One of Tenby’s issues is that its too close to Kona for the top tier pros and it’s also for following years qualifying. I think with the new Pro qualification rules you may just see a few 2nd tiers who didn’t qualify or didn’t want to qualify trying to book an early slot. You do get a reasonable AG field there for that reason.

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maybe they should make it the Euro champs to drag a few more pros there, but essentially you are right, the timing versus Kona isn’t great.

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Good point, well presented.

I think Bolton’s on the endangered list, if that new bike course is as bad as some are saying. Bolton has neither a pro field, or Facebook line coverage which shows it’s very much on the ‘B’ list for the WTC.

Whilst Cork is a ballache to get to, there’s a good chance it’ll be embraced Tenby style as it’s not a big city or place where there’s already loads of big events (like Weymouth).

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is Cork any more of a ballache than Tenby? at least there’s an airport close by - Tenby is at least a 2hr drive from Cardiff Airport which probably has fewer international connections.

Is Tenby not majority British field who will drive there? Not sure Ireland can sustain those sort of numbers, when they held the 70.3 in Galway, it seemed everyone in Ireland did it the 1st year, after 2 years it was gone. Dublin is the only obvious location that will attract enough fly-in visitors in my opinion.

Depends how many north Americans and Europeans they can entice with the Irish thing.

Yes Tenby attracts Brits who can drive. Cork is getting on for a destination race, we’d all have to fly or do a long ferry crossing and drive. With places like Nice, Austria, Vichy etc I cant see it being sustainable. It could attract Americans once maybe but the weather issues might put a lot off also.

Ironman wants (needs?) 2,200+ athlete behemoths.

Any event not pulling the numbers goes on the endangered list. Early Tenby’s were around 1600-1800, and never got close to selling out, but after 2-3 years numbers went up annually, it sold out first time last year?, this year sold out much earlier.

I wonder if Tenby, launched today, would also survive. I think Lanzarote was around 2200 when I did it in 2014, and was this year much less? The new Spanish race may kill it off, sadly. Bolton, with no pros and no facebook live and a iffy new bike course must be getting its last rites…

In short, if you fancy Ireland do it next year…

Ironman Blackpool 2020, you read it here first

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It would be very flat!

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I think Lanza is in a slightly different situation from most of the other Euro races because it’s still independently owned. WTC make their money from the licence fee regardless of whether it fills or not.

When I first raced there in 2008 I think they only had about 800 participants. Entries increased steadily from there, but I think the only year it actually sold out was 2013 when there was a rumour that CLS weren’t going to stump up to renew the licence and it was going to be the last year.

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I preferred the Bolton course with 3 times up Sheephouse, although I wasn’t keen on the descent, the road surfaces were rubbish in places, but Tenby wasn’t much better. Although Tenby was a great race, I was surprised when it made it past 3 years TBH but it’s a bit of a classic ATM.

I think there’s a few others probably on the endangered list as well.



Oh i do so love Slowtwitch …

I’m a little more familiar with ITU pros than the long course guys, but several on that list are folks I’ve heard of. I assume Cork is cooler than Kona, so you can’t write of Marino. And McMahon has gone sub-8, so he isn’t chopped liver. Not as sure about strengths with Del Corral and Amorelli,but I’ve at least seen them places.

I’d pick Ali to win, but it isn’t a total list of nobodies.

Not going to make a Wiltshire joke.

Is it right that world geography isn’t compulsory at US schools? :upside_down_face:

I love the way they are arguing over whether Gomez will beat Brownlee, even though Gomez isnt racing…then the Wurf comment.Where do they find these people. Oh and Gomez is a dirty drafting cheat now. I’m waiting for someone to pipe up about Colonel Sanders to make that thread