Brutal (Allerthorpe) events

DecaUK Single IM, Allerthorpe near York, 24th July 2022 Day events at DecaUK — Brutal Events
(Double, Triple, Quin, & Deca one-a-day & continuous format ultra-IMs also avail. WCPGW B| )

Had a look for something post IML DNF and found this one that TC posted on the Race Links (cheers mate)

So have entered the single iron for this year… (as that’s all I can probably manage).

OK, so not everyone likes loops - but looking forward to seeing some legendary Ultra Tri people do their business and hopefully scope out the course for “something longer” when it returns in 2024.


Thievin tw@ @davem :stuck_out_tongue:

charming. @Toyota_Crown

By the way, happy 10 year anniversary. Last day of the Deca 10 years ago today. Where has that time gone?!!

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@davem then todays the day someone gave you the impression I’d quit on Day10 thus leaving you in Pole Position. I didn’t laff much :innocent:

Where has that time gone?! dunno. I’ve dun another 100IMs or so. you? :sweat_smile:

I got myself a life.
Also battled cancer and got divorced.