Buy / sell category?

I’m level three…!

( Is that good ?! )

Tell them your 4/w/ kg …!

( well done by the way)

Has to be worth 0.5 at least…!?!

4.188 watts per kilo I will have you know …

But thanks. Definitely want to hit 300 FTP.

Don’t have anything to sell, unfortunately. Maybe a cat :cat2: ?

It’s the principal !!

We are getting a cat in four weeks!


Does it need a brother?

Truculent little shit, and the wife has inserted him above me on the list of priorities. But your kids will love him. Assuming they would love a heartless fuzzball that has consciously decided to stay with us only until a better offer presents itself. Calculating little sod looked me in the eye, and that is what I saw!

My son doesn’t live with me, loves animals though…

I wanted to get two, my Doris wasn’t keen .