Buy / sell category?

Seeing a few people are now mentioning stuff they have for sale on the Gear category, perhaps set up a buy/sell area to avoid spamming the main threads?

(I’m guilty as well :slight_smile: )


It’s a decent shout. I bought a few bits from the old forums classifieds section.

Good idea.

Garage is full of stuff I’ll never use…!

Tyres on the drive

What a stockpile!


That’s a lot of tyres!

Including ones on wheels… I have 27 tyres…!
Most are unused!

Great idea!

I’ve lamely tried a couple of times to flog my TT bike, it would be great to be disappointed on a new forum… :smiley::smiley::smiley:


Maybe your difficulty in selling it has been due to the lack of details, price, and pictures?

Yeah go for it. It’s always a treat to get lowballed. :laughing:

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Oh thanks. That’s must of been where I was going wrong.


Marketplace added

shall i set a limit that you must be L2 to post? that is the same level as posting links? Will stop people joining just to flog stuff


How do you know what level you are …!?

should be in your profile “Trust Level”. You are actually a 3 so are in the to secret bonus lounge already where the cool kids hang out :wink:

Ive set it as 2 to create a topic and anyone can read or reply … when i say anyone that means normal rules to reply to a topic

I never do anything like that … touching buttons I mean…

Normally delete accounts or download inappropriate pictures…!

Market place is a good idea.

is that your excuse @mungo?! :rofl:

And I’m sticking to it…

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Apparently my trust level is as Regular as Blend 43 :blush:

What does regular mean? Mine says regular but I want to be special!

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