Camping Stoves

I’m sure some of you bike packers have recent experience. I currently have an MSR windpro bought over 15 years ago, but know that loads of people swear by Jetboil nowadays. Tbh what I will mostly need it for is boiling water & boil in bag, nothing intricate.

Initially I would have just gone MSR again, one of their ‘system stoves’. However my research would suggest the Highlander Blade Fastboil or PX Jobsworth 2X are very good cheaper alternatives. I’m not worried about 30secs difference in boil times, it’s neither here nor there in reality. One thing you can’t do with these system stoves is flip the canister for liquid feed (like remote canister stoves).

So are the cheaper alternatives up to the task? Do I just get a gucci titanium MSR kettle mug for my windpro :thinking:

I have no experience of any of those, but I saw the Alpkit offering the other day & thought it also looked tidy.

For now I’ve just decided to get a gucci MSR Titan Kettle (Mug) and will stick with the MSR Windpro. Whilst this cost the same as one of those Highlander stoves, it looks full of titanium goodness! Pot-kettle-mug all-in-one :ok_hand:

Going to take it yurting this weekend, and I bet it kicks the butt of the big double burner they have there outside the yurt, when it comes to boiling up a brew.

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I got one of the Planet X Jetboil rip-offs earlier in the year and used it for the first time on a week’s camping in July. Was pretty impressed, not used a proper Jetboil so nothing to compare it to but it boiled water quickly and didn’t use much gas. The version I got came with a built in coffee press which turned it into a caffetiere for our morning :coffee:


Yeah, I do like the look of the coffee press accessories. I have a Planetary Designs thermal mug with build-in press, but it’s a bit of a beast! Might see if someone has made one for the MSR Titan.

Apart from being able to invert the canister with my Windpro, it does have the advantage of much lower centre of mass, and a much wider burner surface area for wider pots/mugs = fast boil times. Plus it’s easy to keep remote canisters warmer by wrapping them with something. Just remember a lighter!