Can you hide a thread?

Would like to hide the TDF Spoiler Thread so I don’t accidentally click on it and get spoiled. Can it be done?

the best i have found is “Muted” , so at the bottom of the thread where it says tracking, that can be changed to muted which may mean its not showing up in Latest Posts? Worth trying. You should still see it in the lists by Forum.

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bookmark the thread before you mute it also. Then click on the icon (your avatar) in top right and then you can list bookmarked threads. You can then easily find it again if required to read or just to unmute.

Accidentally clicked…is that a defence you’ve previously relied upon in a court of law :smile:


Abdujaparov took the Sprint at 44.5km, then as the melee died down, a breakaway formed with the following riders: Laurent Brochard, Sean Yates, Adri van der Poel, Jesper Skibby, Phil Anderson, Gilbert Duclos Lasalle, Servais Knaven, Viatcheslav Ekimov, Jorg Muller, Steven Rooks, Eric Boyer, Udo Bolts and Thierry Claveyrolat.

I can’t see that lot getting reeled in.


That’s a shame because I subbed Ullrich into my team this morning. Thought he might come out of the rest day ‘refreshed’.

He taught Landis all he knows!