Canyon serves up a shit sandwich

That’s hard to swallow

Yes you’re without your bike, but you’re getting €1000-1300 CASH

I’d be amazed if most owners of high-end bikes didn’t have a fallback bike.


You’re only getting the when Canyon send your bike back and they won’t give a date when that is happening.
It doesn’t matter if you have 5 other bikes, this is a poor show and doubly so because Canyon won’t actually say what was wrong. On top of that, they have no solution roll out for the seat post issue.

Folks who have ordered but not had their now have to wait until the faulty bikes are fixed (effectively the whole season) and don’t get the cashback.

If I was waiting for one, I’d do a charge back then. I’m sure there’s a lawyer somewhere in all this that will start a class action.


I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. Not with the undelivered ones but I dare say there is a lawyer’s phone ringing in the distance re ‘fit for purpose, money back’ mullarkey. The cash offer would quell that riot I reckon.

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And I suppose, with the current bike famine, what else are you going to do? An alternative if you even could get a refund might take um at least 3 months…

3 months if you’re lucky. Supply chains are adding 3months to the already 3 month wait time. It’s mad.

This mess will hurt Canyon a bit.

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First world issue; although I prefer ‘bike drought’ :cowboy_hat_face:


Which reminds me; I must put the content of my ‘big old box of bike shoite’ on eBay before the mania subsides.


Yep, no time like the present!

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Currently half way through doing mine - all those new shoes I got for 50p from Trek have been going for comfortable sums. A couple of ancient (but sealed) Campag freehubs I got from a skip made £30 each etc.


Can they charge you for your bike until it’s being shipped?

I thought remote selling rules stopped this???

Can’t remember; it’s over 3 years since I got mine. Got it on an interest Free Barclaycard; then paid it off when I got my Gratuity.