Carnac Kronus

Latest purchase just arrived. I’ve fancied trying a helmet with a visor for a while and a short tailed one too, as I’m not convinced I’m strict enough with my position.
I’m not serious enough to fork out hundreds for a Bambino or the like so took the punt on the above. Currently £34 (with a clear visor) on Planet X and £13 for extra visors. First impressions are pretty good, quality and comfort seem OK, the magnetic visors seem to fit pretty securely.
I also punted an extra £10 for a padded double wheel bag which looks great for the money too.


For that money it’s definitely worth a punt

Fairly sure @Poet has that lid or something v similar

Also know a few people with their S-Works Evade style helmet and say it’s decent.

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Also, that visor looks wicked :+1:t2:

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I went for black mirrored, blue mirrored and the clear one it comes with. I thought the sunburst was a little garish :wink:

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Your Living Room isn’t my cup of tea :wink:


Yes, I have that - but I only paid £25 for mine.
I’ve got a clear visor…

…they can get very warm and sweaty, plus the visor is a bit of a faff in T1, but for £25, mustn’t grumble.

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That was one of my concerns, heat and in particular causing the visor to mist up, hence why I didn’t want to risk a lot of money. Given the price I’m not averse to drilling the visor for some extra vents which is also why I got two extra ones.
In terms of T1 I saw a couple of suggestion re leaving the visor attached upside down then flipping it over when leaving. Is that what you do?

Just hence. No need to use why with hence.

Yes, I flip my visor up, but the magnets aren’t that strong. I like the helmet, for its price it is fantastic


I have a white one with all the visor colours, think it’s a great helmet for the money, think I paid £50 for mine with 4 visors.

I find the magnets plenty strong enough to leave the visor flipped up in T1, has always worked a treat

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You should probably think about putting a semicolon in here :wink:

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This is the sort of sentence structure us snowflakes find in the Guardian from time to time. Everyone’s too polite to complain about it.

I only mentioned it, because Poet does like to pull people up on grammar :upside_down_face:

@JaRok2300 - I must’ve missed the photo before? The purple tinted visor looks great :smiley:

Off Topic Grammar Lesson

Why are you avoiding at’ing me, @Jorgan?

It’s not grammar, is it, though?

I’ve twice mentioned “hence why,” which is just wrong.

I am more than happy to read posts without punctuation and its/it’s etc.

But, “hence why” is becoming pervasive, in much the same way “literally” has.

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Sounds like I’ve touched a nerve :rofl:


I heard myself say 100% the other day; I felt ashamed.


Could have been worse, could have said 110%, 150%, 200%, 1000% etc. (Maybe that should have been in the rant thread)

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