Castelli sizing

How do you Castelli users find it sizes? There are a few deals about on some jerseys. Half price.

I’m between small and medium normally. Bought an Ale top (Italian) in med and that’s a tight fit, but fine. Though its actually from their ‘relaxed’ range!

I’m 5ft 8 ish. 70-74kgs. Quite broad on shoulders and chest for my size. Basically not full skinny runner/triathlete/cyclist shape.

Tiny Italians. Always one size up for me.

I’m a large Castelli - medium everything else

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as Adam says - Italians always size small. I’ve given up buying Italian products as they never fit me properly

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Similar size (fairly broad, and have some shoulders), and I have medium stuff. That’s fine if you like things snugg. My Gabba 3 and gilets are fine in that. The Perfetto light 2 is strangely even smaller, but it just about works. I can easily get a couple of baselayers under the Gabba to keep me comfy on the torso at 0 degs. I feel large would be too baggy

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Cool cheers @stenard.

Think I’ll give the med a go.

I’m not really into team kit, but they have some Ineos tops for half price which seem pretty decent value.

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Which sites are you looking at? Bibs are probably what I need. Too many have been trashed on the trainer this year!

Probikekit for that one. Though not looking so good on bibs, as I really need a second pair!

I’m L for Perfetto Light, but M in the Alpha jacket. So there is some variation 🤷

Medium will be full skin tight fit for tops for you I think @gingerbongo, but probably right for shorts.

The problem I’ve always had with Italian stuff (been a while since I’ve had Castelli) is that even if I get the bibs big enough (XXXXL fat bastard) the straps on the bibs are never long enough.

I wonder what those bikerists would say if I bought an Ineos Jersey and some Bora shorts?!

@Poet would come out in hives the moment I hit ‘buy’


As long as it doesn’t have rainbow stripes, wear WTF you like.

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I am a little shorter than you GB and sound a similar shape (*hench bro :muscle:) and wear medium jersey and small shorts in Castelli.

*Just a short, fat, middle aged man now :cry: :sob:


A warning! Castelli alpha 2 ros jacket is weirdly BIG on sizing. Which is wonderful cos you can layer up underneath. But certainly don’t order a size up like we all normally do.

I’m not known for being shy or retiring but wearing the giro pink jersey is too much for me. £53 only size M colour available.


5’7” ex rugby player. Slimmed down a bit over the years and currently 66-68kg. Medium bibs and jerseys for me. You may find the aero jerseys right around the chest/shoulders.

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This is a medium. On my scrawny 5 year old! It’s really not that big!!

With my little Xmas gut, it looks awful. Large is OK. But it’s very, very thin and light - it’s the climbers jersey.

Bought another one - hors categorie - which fit me (mostly) fine in med, but a bit baggy in odd places. Hated the colour and the style of the hems though. So that’s a no.

Got to try the bib shorts next. Then decide if I like the Ineos top enough to drop 50 quid. Or if its another mass fail at buying a new Jersey?! That would be 9 tops going back out of 11 this year. Got lucky with my first 2 purchases it would seem.


I have similar issues. Large in the tops. medium in the classic bibs, large in the lightweights.

Same craziness with Assos.

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Uhoh! Ive got not much to look forward to then! :rofl:

Great modelling btw :+1:

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Good idea about keeping the label on the kid, that way you can return them. :grin: