Ceramic Speed OSPW

After finishing the Zwift Ceramic Speed challenge it got me thinking…
If I was offered a set of OSPW would I use them? For £400 there is no way I would buy a set but if I was given a set or won the coveted orange Zwift set would they appear on your bike?

Yeah, why not. I don’t believe they do anything for the bike (tiny watt saving in efficiency, tiny watt loss from size), because if they did I am pretty sure Shimano and SRAM would have slowly increased their jockey wheel sizes over the last decade.

Total eye candy, so then it comes down to whether it would look nice on the bike. If it looked nice, and I got it for free, I would chuck it on and ride.

Wouldn’t in a million years buy anything like this in real life.

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I’d sell them and buy something useful. If you got half price from that’d stretch to a pm or decent wheel(s) second hand.

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Yeah, they’re snake oil. Sponsors get Pros to ride them, in the hope MAMILs will bite, but neither Frodo or AB feels the need to use them…and in the Pro Peloton they’d probably split their sides!

If you just liked the look, you can get cheaper versions off eBay from China.

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Christof Sauser had a set on his Rio Olympic-special, temperature colour change S-Works Tarmac when I met him in South Africa last year. I’m pretty sure he won’t have paid for them himself and they’ll be a sponsor freebie.

This seems to rationalise why road racers don’t want them: https://www.kogel.cc/blogs/kbba/do-oversized-derailleur-pulleys-really-help

This was previously linked to on slowtwitch. A real “saving”, but for the price I can’t ever see it being value for money. https://www.cyclingnews.com/features/friction-facts-bigger-pulleys-really-are-more-efficient/

So more efficient when you’re in a gear, but rubbish shifting between gears