Cervelo P3 sizing

Hello. Anyone able to help with p3 sizing for me.
I have seen a second hand one that I like. It’s a 56cm.
I am 5ft 11 with 31:75 inside leg. A size chart I have seen says it should fit. Just wondering if anyone has some experience with them.

@adam ?
@fruit_thief ?

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Which era P3

I’m 6’ my old era 58 is probably just too big, more flexibility on the 56.

I have a 2017 P3. Mine is a 61cm, I am 6’5’', not sure what my inside leg is but trousers I buy are 34/35.

One thing to note about the P3 sizing. A lot of manufacturers as the stack gets bigger, the reach increases a lot as well. So if you are equally proportioned legs/torso that would fit ok. For me I have very long legs, and a relatively short torso so that doesnt work. Cervelo keep smaller reaches with bigger stacks and they are one of the few manufacturers that do. I had a pre-fit before I bought mine and the P3 and Scott bikes were the only ones suitable,

So that is important to think about.

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Not sure of age. Have asked


Thank you. I have shorter legs and long body.

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I’ve got a P3 size 54.
I’m 5.11/181cms inside leg 30cms.
54 fits me perfectly. I could probably get away with the 56 but For me it might be pushing it.

As you’ll see from my measurements I’m also short legs and long body

I’m 177cm and my P3 was a 56 but I have short legs, a long torso and a knackered back. So my position needs to be somewhat, long and high’.

I shouldn’t work on paper but it worked for me. The only downside was very little seat mast showing.
I’d guess @Adam is about 180cm? At 5’11 I don’t think you’d have any issue.

You really do have short legs, don’t you :grin: ?


Yep, comically wide feet too which completes the hobbit look. I’d attach a photo but I know that pictures of trotters on this forum tend not to be appreciated. To make matters worse my super wide feet don’t even seem to help me swim fast and I expect that they actually act as a brake rather than propellers!


I’m 185 cms and mine is a 56 and fits (imo) perfectly

That p3 picture above does appear to be an older version.

I’ll see if I can find a pic of me riding it from Bolton


All the pics I have have a horrific watermark over them and not much use

I wasn’t trying to shame hobbits, it was the idea that you had an inside leg measurement of 30cms that I found amusing.


No excuses not to be a swimmer then @Mr-me :sweat_smile:
Phelps-like at 6’4 height and 31.5" leg.