Challenge Salou & Race report

News just in, swim shortened to 750m due to storm on Friday and Saturday. On one hand suits me, on the othet hand i want to race where i am weak


Looks like that happened last year, too!

How are you feeling, Matt?

Ready for it?

Good luck!

If it’s as rough as IM Wales 2014 a shortened swim will be plenty tough, but I get the ‘suits me’ vs ‘arsed off it’s not a full race’ dilemma….

I am feeling pretty good. Its an early race, and I am no where near my peak, but that is fine, it’s early season and very much a practice race.

I don’t really care whether it is a full distance or not, safety of competitors is most important. I can see quite a lot of DNFs, its going to be sunny, but pretty cold.

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Good luck :muscle:

Good luck Matt, have a great race :blush: :four_leaf_clover:

Best of luck Matt :facepunch:t2:

Good luck Matt, smash it

Just announced, its a duathlon: Air temp 4 degrees, water 13, apparently the average of air and water must be 12 degrees according to World Triathlon rules, so well below minimum temp


I am number 517


Crush it Matt

Good luck!

Matt’s on the bike it looks like. He’s appearing in the M45-49 results & showing as 22nd in that group after the first 4km run and 19th after T1

Time to tear it up on the bike :muscle:

Go Matt


Lots will have gone crazy in that 4k run, hopefully Matt will edt them up.

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Up to 4th M45-49 after the bike. Must have engaged beast mode

Edit looks like would have been 1st M50-54 at T2, I thought that’s what he was racing as? Maybe just on the borderline?


Do they count differently at challenge? I’m sure he’s M50.

Great performance either way!


Well that was fun. Unfortntunately, challenge appear to allocate AG based on Birthday, so I am AG 45-49 by 38 day… Bollocks

Massive confidence Boosting race for me, and I beat Keith

Some Bastard moved by bag in T1 so Lost about 30s looking for it.


Well done!

Well done , tracker went a bit Ironman so couldn’t follow it, but sounds a good effort Sir.

My aim was top 3 50-54 and i was actually the fastest so as far as i am concerned job done1