Changing to Tubeless

After a relatively horrendous 12 months of getting punctures on the bike I’ve decided that it’s worth trying tubeless tyres. Unfortunately I’m on Mavic Aksium DB wheels and they arent tubeless compatible so I’ve been doing a bit of research and seemed to narrow it down.

They don’t need to be too aero at the moment as I’ll buy a seperate set for that, depending on whether I get promoted at work.

So in the mean time, I was looking at the following options:

Hunt Aerolite alloy

These seem to review well though a few mention that theres a big difference in spoke tension on either side so don’t want to run the (admittedly small) risk of the rims cracking around the nipples. They’re also OOS until late July and around £100 more expensive than:

Scribe RACE-D

Or Duty-D

Both seem fairly budget friendly plus tyres + sealant etc… but was wondering whether anyone had any experience of the two brands?

I had a look at Reynolds / DTSwiss etc but nothing comes close budget wise.


Can’t comment too much on either… other than anecdotally.
Personally not yet convinced on road tubeless under 32mm or so or for super high pressure.

Might also consider… (disclaimer run by family member)
Genuinely hand & UK built. Have been running basically their MAP wheels (with tubes) since 2016 with some seriously high mileage including LEL, PBP (I hit 6000miles for the year by August that year), on road, off road… still on original bearings, replaced one spoke last year & we swapped the rear axle out last year “just in case”. Oh and just replaced the freehub body due to the anti-bite plate coming away and the spines having got mashed.

I’d steer clear of Hunt wheels.
Too many club members have had issues, which they’ve resolved, but you’re then without a wheel set.

I got some Mavic Ksyrium Pro UST for about £800 - love them.
Only had them a year like.

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What kind of issues out of interest ?

Bearings, hubs, spokes coming out of the nipples, rim issues.
Hunt have sorted everyone out, just means you’re without wheels for a few months!

When we have Beespoke in Macclesfield and Wills Wheels in Heaton Chapel, it sort of makes sense to visit them and see what they can do.
(I got my wheels on C2W :man_shrugging:t4:)