Chat plugin

Don’t know much about it, but I enabled something called “chat” plugin. The new option should be showing above in icon bar as a bubble. let me know if it is worth keeping!


also a new status thingy has been added go to you icon top right and click the little man and set custom status and you can set a little emoji next to your name with a message ie a plane and “vacation until” Im sure @Poet will have some fun :wink:

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and also there’s a customizable sidebar / header option so instead of “legacy” where you click your icon top right, you can have it as a sidebar or option next to the icon. Its a bit odd so testing it out but means you can change it to what you choose. not sure on this one yet

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Ah, that was my rant, I just added it to my user stylesheet to disappear forever, I couldn’t understand why it was sometimes there!


yes I’ve been turning it on and off. its a bit buggy so turned it off now.

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