Cheap leisure bikes

An overweight mate wants to get into cycling, Halfords and Decathlon dont have any bikes, Tredz, Wiggle, Merlin, Ribble…I spent best part of an hour trawling websites…nothing.

Where can I find a cheap leisure bike, riding with kids, on and off road?

try a local bike shop? most of them are open and would probably welcome the business more than an online retailer


Nope nothing I’m afraid. There’s the odd random frame size on bog standard hybrids but you’re waiting until August/September now.

The demand has really been THAT crazy…

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Locals are out too :grimacing:

Can’t vouch for quality, value or stock levels but Go Outdoors has a reasonable bike section that may have passed people by.


@joex - Argos?

My local Sainsburys has a small Argos in it and there was a mountain bike in one of the delivery cages last night.

A quick check of their website this morning showed some ‘Limited Stock’ of the type of bike you are describing.

Cheers, Paul. :slight_smile:

Cheers all, i managed to find a couple of options at decathlon last night (argos and go outdoors were still out), dont know if hes pulled the trigger uet.


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