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Morning all,

Im doing the Chicago Marathon in October and basically arriving Wednesday and then was going to take the missus to New York for the week after. However, after originally planning to fly to NYC on the Monday Ive frantically rebooked the hotel when Monday flights were £530 and Tuesday flights were £135

So now ive got a full extra day (Monday) in Chicago and flying Tuesday morning. Question, do I just extend my Chicago Hotel by one night or does anyone have a recommendation for a day away from the Windy city before coming back early Tuesday morning. Ive never visited the are so dont know whether to rent a car and head out or just have an extra day in Chicago



Depending on your aims in the race you’ll probably not feel like walking around a lot on the Monday? There’s a few local places you can get to on the train and there’s quite a bit to do in Chicago anyway, although I wouldn’t call it a tourist city.

Might be worth seeing if there’s an ice hockey game on if that interests you? The baseball season will have probably finished.

Might also be out of season for things like boat trips on the Lake but you could check.

It is a big place though so just because somewhere looks close on a map it could take a while to get there.

Also, watch Ferris Buellers day off or the Blue Brothers for tips :rofl: I actually enjoyed riding around the L :slight_smile:


im not planning on going for a PB. More just run hard and be generally fit. It’s too expensive to risk training all out and getting injured😂 I dont mind walking around so much though obviously not looking for a 20 mile apalacian hike or anything. Know what you mean about the size of the place. Hence thought is it worth staying somewhere else for a night but sounds like might be best staying in the same place and maybe a bit of Public Trans


It’ll be the middle of the playoffs. So even if the Cubs or White Sox are still involved, the likelihood of a game being on, and then getting tickets, is probably remote!

Both the nhl and nba resume in October so a chance the Blackhawks or Bulls are playing. I went and saw a Bruins game when in Boston for the marathon. If it’s anything like there, the hockey and basketball mesh at the same facility such that’s there’s a game of one or the other on nearly every day

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When I went in 2018 I think the season had finished the week before as they didn’t get into the finals? I went to Wrigley field and they were tidying up the stadium for the close season.


Oh lordy, that takes me back, did my medical student Elective in Cook County Hospital in 1997.

It may have changed a lot since then, but if not my advice would be:

  • Try not to get shot
  • Don’t eat food from vending machines - it’s not food
  • When someone comes up to you in the street and offers you “Vitamin C”, say no thanks
  • Don’t stay in the YMCA
  • If going to watch the White Sox, prepare for 4 hours of frank bewilderment and drink a lot of beer.
  • The lakefront is quite nice, no sharks but if you venture too far out there might be bears
  • Budweiser, Coors

Edit: also, get health insurance, or you might end up being treated in the county ER and wow.


Bloody hell working in Cook County ER, must have treated a lot of GSWs?


Yes - it’s all hazy now, but it was a proper eye opener at the time. Up until that point I thought I wanted to do trauma surgery, but a month in Cook County ER convinced me there were safer ways to earn a crust. Came home and spent the second half of the summer shadowing an old school GP in Jersey (Channel Islands, not New) pottering around visiting his private patients in his Morgan. Seemed far less likely to get shot or have a coronary. Career path decided from that moment.


thanks for the suggestions guys. Think just an extra day in Chicago and do more touristing will be the best bet!

just need to figure out how to get to the parkrun on the Saturday now!


Someone tried to reassure me this week that the murder rate in Medellin is lower than Chicago.

I think that says more about Chicago.


FFS. You are a triathlete. Pig out all day. Visit some bike shops inbetween. Done.

Manny’s Deli
Pizza Uno / Due
Cold Stone Creamery

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