Chickens, hedgehogs, rats, hamsters, yada

Couple of posts elsewhere about reptile vivariums and tortoise hibernation fridges.
We have 2 degus, inquisitive little brush tailed rats from Chile. One of my mates says he has similar in his thatched roof, and has a pellet gun I can borrow. Don’t think he gets it.

So post here about any weird critters you heat, cool, or otherwise tend. Sir David Attenborough, if you lurk onTriTalk, please come out now.


Whilst not super weird, our silkies are pretty unusual


My kids had pet rats when young… amazing creatures…really intelligent. I was shocked to discover that they had learnt their names and reacted to being called.


Do these count? They eat a lot and leave a mess :grimacing:

Edit: we don’t keep them in a box, it was a rescue until it got checked over.



Pet or just helping out lost/injured hogs?

Edited :roll_eyes:

Get them during the summer though so leave food and water out.

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haha - i wasn’t judging, just intrigued. You may have adopted an old one from a shelter or something!

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Guess this should be in boast about your recent purchases- some hay. The degus are mad for it. First they make a bed from in, then they eat it. This big bag which I just manhandled back from town will last about 8 weeks


Hands up, I’ll admit it’s Friday afternoon, I have a day off, and may have imbibed a beer or two. Ok, it’s two. But thought maybe could share a life lesson from our degus.

This is Tenzing.

He’s a very active degu. He spends literally hours running in his wheel.

This is Tao. He’s lazy.

He never, ever goes in the wheel.

Apart from that, they behave very similarly. They are brothers from the same litter. They have unrestricted access to their main foods, degu nuggets- little pressed nuggets of grass, grains and legumes- and hay. They nibble away at will.

Tenzing weighs about 300g and feels kind of muscly and lean:

Tao weighs closer to 400g and has something of the Sumo about him

I’m cooking tonight, better give those scales a wipe.


Be like Tao, as was the fashion for wording a few years ago

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Realise I’m probably preaching to the choir here, in saying it’s good to run on a wheel. Often on Zwift I think, you’re basically just a degu aren’t you? Degus are apparently quite prone to type 2 diabetes. They are both middle aged now, about 4 years old. Will be interesting to see how they get on.

Is this food or excrement? I can’t tell.


Ho many times are you changing the title of this thread @fruit_thief :rofl:

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Every time someone posts with a new animal that’s not a degu I guess :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


That appears to be very inefficient!


4 gerbils in our household. The Mrs loves them. They chew cardboard, eat and shit.

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Oh and I forgot……sleep. But this one was awake.


Think that fellah’s covered by “rodents” so no need to change the thread title again :+1:

Woohoo, our little spikey visitor is back, wasn’t sure if the food was getting eaten by a mouse or even the blackbirds.

Anyway, it’s in there now, fairly sure it is the same one that has been for a few years :slight_smile: