Claiming for a bike accident

A family member had an accident in London on Monday, car pulled out on them while they were riding down a main road, thankfully no major injuries but bike is wrecked.

Does anyone have any experience or thoughts about how he can go about making a claim for the damage against the driver? He’s not a member of British cycling or British triathlon as I know membership there gives you access to advice and help on this sort of thing. Is it a case of just googling for a lawyer?

Not a fan of the whole ambulance chaser mentality but in this case happy to see the driver face some consequence if possible!


Isn’t BC’s contracted form Leigh Day? maybe start there and see what their charges are. I don’t know if they are any good but start with a firm that at least know about this stuff (and how much bikes cost).

Has the driver admitted fault, left details?


A solicitor specialising in motoring offences will probably be a good place to start.

Also if they dont have specific bike insurance its worth checking whats available on their house insurance. My wife had problems with a job when she whistle-blew on dangerous practices and she got access to legal help from our house insurance


The exact same thing happened to me on the 15th. Luckily for me the driver has accepted liability and his insurance have so far been very helpful. Although I haven’t actually asked them for any money yet. They have said they will replace damaged items like for like and pay for my dental work. I am waiting for the bike shop to let me know how the bike is.


Surely you just need their insurance details in the first instance?

Only if they contest the claim would you need a lawyer.

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This. Start with the car drivers insurance. Some pay out straight away based on an assessment from a bike shop. My partners pay out was straight forward and no questions asked. It hits the drivers premiums the next year of course but that’s not your problem.

Only if that insurance starts being arsey then do you need to think about other avenues. Some people have legal cover on home insurance that may help too.

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Same here - how did the claims go?

I have T called their insurer yet but I’m already getting the insurance heebee jeebies. I’ve been fucked about on every claim I’ve tried to make; car, car, house, house and house again. This’ll be my first time over a bike.

He called Leigh Day after the recommendations above but I know he either didn’t follow it through, or was waiting to hear about something - can’t remember the detail as it was discussed a few beers in at a nice sunny family bbq.

Sorry to hear you got hit - any damage to body, mind or bike? Did you get the driver details etc?

Who are you insured with Jo?

I’m sorry to hear about your family member’s accident, but I’m glad to hear that they’re mostly okay. In this situation, it’s important to first gather all relevant information, including the driver’s details, witness accounts (if any), and any photographic evidence of the accident scene. Your family member should also seek medical attention if they haven’t already, as it’s crucial to have a record of any injuries, no matter how minor they may seem.

Just to say thanks for the Leigh Day recommendation, my sort of Brother In Law went with them in the end and said they were fantastic the whole way through, and he ended up getting 5K or something like that (the bike was an old commuter one so the majority of the payment was for the injuries sustained and legal fees).