Classified hub

This is interesting and expensive!

your POWERSHIFT wheelset will be delivered to a Classified dealer near you, who will install our products free of charge."

So you need a dealer to install a wheel, maybe I’m out.

So you get like 52/36 but you lose most efficiency in the lowest gear, would be interesting to see if the efficiency drop there is noticeable, but yeah too expensive to find out!

Brilliant, love it! I can see this taking off.

You lose some efficiency in the lowest gear but less that the 2x setup loses? Seems like a win although that might go up over time with wear maybe.

Got to be an aero advantage too, that wasn’t mentioned.

What’s the 2x loss? it’s just aero and annoyance, chainline losses are larger in 1X see [1] (you get a better chainline inner-ring to big ring and outer ring to litte ring. Can’t imagine the planetary in the hub can be that efficient - wikipedia says “3% per stage” from a planetary gearbox, that seems pretty large compared to the couple of watts and 300w from a chainline?

[1] Gear Issue: Friction differences between 1X and 2X drivetrains – says chainline improvements in the 2x is actually better ('cos you don’t cross-chain in reality)h

It’s explained in the video. smaller front chain ring is less efficient than the large chain ring (assume just chain bending) and that loss is twice what is quoted by this setup.
Also 2x setup has higher cross chain extremes which do get used in practice.

The average cross chaining from a single ring is higher than a double ring, the others only get used in practice when it’s more convenient, and convenience is not when you care about efficiency.

The losses from chain ring size are absolutely tiny, if they were significant it’s the rear derailleur we’d be getting rid of.

I saw that and was impressed. The ability to shift at power could be really useful.

It’s expensive now but cost will reduce if it becomes more mainstream.

Edit: just checked and you should probably be aware that replacement cassettes are €175

Just watched the GCN video. That’s some beautiful engineering.
Given it includes the wheel, I was expecting it to cost more, not that I could afford it either way.

It does look gorgeous :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes:
But cleaning that rear cassette? Oof.

What’s the price then?
Daughter got bored so we didn’t watch until the end…

Think it was 2300 euros. But that includes the carbon wheels. But they have to ship to a bike shop to fit it, as effectively you’re a brand ambassador and they wouldn’t want you to arse it up.

And you need a 1x set up in first place, though if you’re dropping that cash, no big deal to do that at same time I guess.

Very interesting. I hate the FD. Always screwing up the alignment. Love to see this go mainstream in 5 years and come as an option on new bikes.

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It’s weird how some do or don’t like the FD. With the exception of two (one being my MTB and the other my Focus that I keep at Mum’s) I’ve built all my bikes from scratch and really take my time aligning everything but once a FD is set, I reckon I could count on one hand the amount of times I’ve every had to adjust alignment. I’ve had every type from braze on, bolt on and clamp on.

When Campag moved from the old type 11sp spider to new type in 2015, that was trickier as the standard gap changed but that’s about the only thing I can remember.

Rear mech hangers that are made of cheese however…


I think it’s an art. But for amateur meddlers like me I’ve no chance. You have much more experience.

It’s also I guess a Di2 thing. A couple of LBS have told me the FD is finicky beyond belief.

I well remember one sportive 2-3 years ago where I had to remount my chain after every descent as the FD threw it off every time when trying to go small back to big ring and that was the exact moment I decided if I could ever truly live within the limits of 1x I would, as soon as I could!

Ah yes, when it comes to electronic group sets, I’ve not yet had any experience with those. Definitely will be my next move though.

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I’ve had that on my roadie. Been meaning to adjust the limit screw for ages, but kept forgetting when getting home. It’s one of the only real issues with di2, as you can’t feather the front mech as you can on mechanical to get away with something like that being a bit off. Finally got around to it when I got home today, after another chain drop after creating Toys hill.

Took 20s once I double checked which limit screw I needed to adjust. No wonder it was dropping. When in 52-11, there was a good 5mm gap between the outer plate and the edge of the chain. Took a few good turns of the limit screw to get it suitably close


I threw my Cervelo together in a couple of hours.
Everything is just fine.

Biggest time sucks;

Measuring the saddle height and set back
Reverse Bar tape wrapping
Rear mech indexing.

What’s all of this front mech alignment?
Mine just worked???

Why on earth was your rear indexing a time suck?

Just kept skipping over some gears and rattling.
Probably more to do with a freshly waxed chain than my skills (he says hopefully!!!)

Are you sure you front mech wasn’t causing it? :grin:

I haven’t climbed on the ‘wax chain’ wagon yet. Tempted to.

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I like the added security of a chain catcher as even when everything is perfectly adjusted, I find it can still happen occasionally, with the potential to damage the frame if you’re really unlucky.
If you have a round seat-tube I really like the cheap plastic dog-fang ones that are very discreet and don’t involve messing with your front mech to fit them.

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Got round to sorting out my bar tape (Fizik side). Had to youtube reverse wrapping after you mentioned it but it made sense to try it and it turned out ok. New stuff is a bit thicker and very comfy.