Cleat hole fail

Two cleat screws came loose last week on my left shoe, it was time to replace the cleats anyway so put on a fresh set.

One screw has fallen out again already since yesterday:

New shoes maybe, but any kind of temporary fixes?

I was having big trouble in clipping yesterday which I’m not sure is related as that’s affecting both shoes.

If the screws are falling out then the thread in the nut is probably shot to shit. If you take the inner sole out are you able to access the nuts? They maybe replaceable

Otherwise if you going to get new shoes anyway then a big glob of super glue should hold them in for a bit.

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You can get replacement base plates if the threads are gone. On some shoes it’s not a simple case of removing the inner sole, you need to cut a flap in the card inside the shoe and glue it back down afterwards. Pretty easy job and worthwhile if there’s plenty of life in the shoes still.

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If the shoes are still OK, tap it out to the next size up. M5-M6?

Yes it’s not immediately obvious what’s wrong - normally if the thread is fucked you can tell as you are tightening it.

I just checked and all the other screws are loose enough to move the cleat. But that might be because I was fighting to unclip yesterday.

I’ll tighten them up hard and try again.

The final roll of the dice, when all else fails, is to araldite the failed bolt into place. You’ll get one final new cleat’s worth of life outta the shoe.


Probably enough thread for the screw to tighten against but not enough to resit the lateral load.

Ive had similar with the shower dorr hinges I had to 3d print. I screw them in tight but the kids repeatedly banging the door closed yanks one of them out. The metal is so thin there isnt enough meat to tap out a larger thread.

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A bit of locktite threadlock might work

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