Club des Cinglés du Mont Ventoux

Thought I would start a thread instead of infesting the training one @Doonhamer

We have hired bikes that are being delivered to us. Pinarello Prince with Ultegra di2, compact and 11-32. That is the same ratio as I have on my UK bike (Alu Cube with heavy wheels) but it will be much lighter.

We are staying in Malaucène so the plan is to go Malaucène > Bédoin > Sault. Would you suggest otherwise?

Arrive Weds, leave Sunday, big one on Sat with Friday in reserve depending on forecasts.

Found a loop called Tour du Ventoux which starts in Malaucene goes all the way round the mountain through a few places inc Sault & Bedoin. 100km with 1414m. Could be a nice spin for the Thursday.

Any advice and tips are welcome.
What was your power & weight when you did it and approx ascent times on the 3 asphalt routes?


You’re properly treating yourselves with those bikes, they sound great. I think I ran similar gearing. I didn’t have power back then, but I was probably around 4W/kg weighing in at 65kgs. My climbing times from Strava that day were:-

Route Forestière - 2:13
Bedoin -1.41
Malaucene - 1.54
Sault - 1.42

I started in Bedoin, but only because I wanted to tick off the forestry route first. I think the Malaucene route is very similar in terms of effort reqd. Doing Malaucene first may make a lot of sense as it is more exposed to the sun than the Bedoin route. Sault route is definitely the one to do last.

It was a cracking hot day when I did it so I filled my water bottles at the top & bottom. Unfortunately the shop at the top only had blue Powerade & I thought I was going to be pissing blue by the end of the day. I never stopped at Chalet Reynard - which you’ll pass 4 times - preferring to pick up food at the bottom. I think there is an “Eau Potable” fountain at CR, but I’ve never searched it out.

I’ve not done the Tour du Ventoux, but it goes along Gorges de la Nesque which I’ve done a couple of times, it’s a fantastic road.

Really missing my France trip this year we’d planned to go to the Pyrenees, but due to C-19 & work related problems that’ll have to wait til next year.

I’m well jealous, but hope you keep me updated with loads of photos.


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Thanks for that. We fly on Aug 26th, a week after I get back from my 2 week family holiday :see_no_evil:
I’ll have a bike for 2-3 days each week on hol so will get a few decent hilly rides in around Denia/Calpe.

I stayed in Sault and went from there on the first night, most that climb was doable on the big ring until CR, vaguely remember lots of fields of Lavender or something?

I did go up the other ways as well, it was over 30c and remember being absolutely ruined one day so try and plan ahead with food\drink in case.

It was 10 years ago so not much power then and I weighed about 72KG’s, I’ll see if I can find the routes, but it’s pre Strava days, but got a feeling I imported them.


Cheers Jeff.
One of the lads I don’t know but been told he’ll only make 1 ascent as a new cyclist and not strong at all.
I’m hoping he may descend straight back to Malaucène and get in a car to crew us :joy:

I’m a heavy (1 litre an hour) sweater so need my fluids in the heat.
I usually can’t take any calories in liquid as I puke all energy sources up but I got some SIS Beta Fuel this week and it worked a treat yesterday, I felt great and no stomach issues.
Also have a couple of 1L bottles I bought in Mallorca last year.

I’m currently just over 3w/kg so not super strong but feeling decent.

Another thing worth bearing in mind is market days. It’ll be great to get some food, but may make it difficult getting through to the Tourist Information or a shop to get your brevet stamped.

Malaucene - Mondays
Bedoin - Wednesdays
Sault - Wednesdays

Not a big problem & not worth changing your day, but worth knowing.

Well after tonight’s announcement I may not be going. I fly to Spain on Friday and was supposed to return to UK 10 days before going to France :see_no_evil:

Sorry mate. I was equally shocked.

We are a long way from over this.

Aw, bollocks.

Have been looking at this myself and the logistics around it.

Think I’d ultimately settled on a B&B in La Madlaine just outside Bedoin.

Was looking at mid September this year but things have slipped massively since lockdown so I’ll be looking at early May next year when I’m much stronger and will allow me to have a relatively easy following week in plenty of time for Bolton.

Spent an evening watching YouTube videos on it and most people seem not too bad at the top as long as they’re experienced and have done a fair bit of training.


Well my wife has told me to come home from holiday early without me even hinting at it!

I’ll make a last minute call on it based on what is happening, there is a chance France won’t let us in by then so no point planning anything now.

FWIW, these are the 3 routes I did, all started at Sault as that’s where I was staying.

Hope they are visible.


Yes they are, cheers. I’ll have a look at them later as I weep into my lunch :joy:

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My company have just said I can stay in Spain at the villa (my brother-in-law’s who lives in it) and go straight to France from there (If France will let me in).
That would mean:
16 days on holiday with the family
1 week working with the family still there (I am usually at home on my own for that week)
3 days working in the villa with the family back in England
5 days in France
Fly home

I’ve never been away for a month before :smiley:


More importantly … what’s the riding/running like from the villa?!


We are in the campos in Pedreguer near Denia and if you head inland it is just hills.
Lots of trail running too and farm track that aren’t too bad for my ankles.

This is a bike route I like to do -
Also this -


Well this isn’t looking great. I was happy to quarantine when I get back as I wfh at the moment, but France have said they will reciprocate quarantine measures if we enforce it.

On that basis it is game over.

man that sucks bud. sorry to hear that.