CO2 on planes

Thought I would ask the question for posterity here rather than google.
It’s been a long long while since I took my bike on a plane.
Can you take CO2 with you, or is that a no no?


No in hand luggage, but I have not had a problem in hold luggage

Flying back from Lanza last year and it seemed to vary between the airlines. Lots of people were having to unpack their bike bags at the bulky luggage drop off to remove CO2 cartridges. Easyjet stated you were allowed 2, fortunately that’s what I had left so no problem.

Flying back from Zurich I was stopped when they scanned my hand luggage, one of my canisters had found its way in there, I apologised, said it was an accident, he did a bit of a gallic shrug, re-packed it and off we went

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It is all a bit hit and miss, depends on the airline and airport security, some allow, some don’t, and it can all depend on how the airport security feel on the day. I wouldn’t depend on it, for a holiday I just take a pump, for a race I plan to buy some at the expo (or a local bike shop).

Just claim it is your stash of nitrous oxide and you’ll be laughing :wink:


Boom boom.

Thanks everyone - as I thought, you can ‘normally’ put a couple in the hold.

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No, they are specifically not permitted. They may forget to check but you will find they are on the list of ‘not permitted’ items.

With Jet2 you we were allowed 4x 20g cartridges. They needed to be in checked luggage & you needed to inform them at the check in desk they were there. Wouldn’t put them in a bike box unless you want to give someone a reason to go in there.

BA allows you to take 2 in hand luggage
I always carry this and shove it into the face of the airport security chap.

It really depends on the airline, some airlines do allow it, you need to check the T+Cs

e.g. Easyjet- only allowed as part of a lifejacket + spares

e.g. Jet2, allowed even without lifejacket

Ha, exact same situation for me! Last time I flew with my bike in 2013 I genuinely left some in my hold bag by accident. No issue (Ryanair). I have taken them out of my draft box though - no way I want someone going into my bike box & ferreting around.

I might stick a couple in my hold bag again in the wash bag & see. Failing that, I’ve already recce’d the local bike shop near the hotel in Hamburg :wink:

See you out there…

easyjet @ manchester now send you to get clearance from easyjet desk if you have Co2 canisters in bike box

which is ok unless you on last min as it can take a while for a rep to stroll over to scanning machine

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That’s good to know. Flying BA in September

Quite a few airlines allow them now, most have a pre-clearance form to fill out that allow a max of two and you have to be prepared to show them at check in.
I’ve done it a few times.

Interesting to know - thanks.

I didn’t think it was airline specific choice but its helpful to know.

As others have said, “it depends” is the correct answer. Airlines can specify their own rules, but the airport can also override that. Copenhagen airport for example states a limit of 4 in hold luggage. Although I’m fairly sure I’ve had more than that and I’ve never had a problem the two times I’ve flown through there.

Going and coming back from Geneva over the weekend I had a number in my bike box and 1 in my hand luggage. No issues whatsoever. The only thing I got stopped for on the way back through security was for my Etape medal, which I’d left in my hand luggage and on the scanner looked a bit like a ninja star. The guy immediately before me in the queue had been checked for exactly the same thing.

Not on Swissair they aren’t, at least.

I put mine in the checked baggage, not the bike box.

I’d thought easyJet prohibited them but I suspect they are allowed in both hold and cabin as:

Small non flammable gas cylinders , containing carbon dioxide or other suitable gas in Division 2.2. Up two (2) small cylinders fitted into a life jacket, and up to two (2) spare cartridges per person, not more than four (4) cylinders up to 50 ml water capacity for other devices.

I ditched mine at LHR as the desk said you needed prior approval. Bet I would have been okay though.

Got a couple at the Expo for €3 each, so no big loss

Just make sure you have your lifejacket with you