Coaching, anyone have one?

I know there some coaches on here and I have had two coaches before myself years ago (one cycle race specific and years later a tri coach).

It’s been years since I’ve even thought about it and TBH, not entirely sure why it’s turning around in my head now. Maybe because I have an awful lot planned for this year and early next for on the utra scene.

Maybe because I’m not sure I know what I’m doing or maybe I want to feel more invested as a motivator to shift this weight as well as giving the events my best shot? I don’t know.

I was looking at some that offer ultra coaching and it seems it hasn’t quite jumped the shark like some aspects of tri coaching has but I’m sure there are good and bad. I know all the usual questions about ‘what do you want, an online plan, specific outcome’ etc

I’m more interesting in knowing, if you’ve had one, what was the tipping point for your decision?

I signed up with a run coach last summer.
2 main reasons for me. Firstly I was in a rut, nothing seemingly improving, found it frustrating and I didnt know what to change anymore.
Secondly was I wanted someone to see the bigger picture - particularly for injury management. I seem to only focus on week by week. So no consideration to the load/intensity over larger periods just werent there.

8 months later I’m still seeing them. I have found different frustrations - tho its also good having a sounding board to moan at.
Longer term I’m not sure its for me - but as I have a goal in place, I think the structure I’m getting is generally a positive.