Coaching Insurance

Howdy all… just scouting for thoughts & comments on insurance for 1 to 1 coaching as L2+ or L3.
I’ve not really looked into the options yet but it’s something on the horizon.

Is it available through BT/TE ?.. or 3rd party insurance companies only.
Anything to look out for or pitfalls ?.. typical costs ?

Fanx in advance.

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Should be able to get it covered through BTF/TE. Search for coaching insurance on BTF site.
I can’t post link

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Im covered through BTF worldwide as a L3, pay the extra membership, about £85 iirc

Read the small print and ensure you are qualified/covered for the coaching you wish to provide…

If it is just 1 to 1 on a commercial (sole trader/partnership) or club environment then BTF insurance is generally fine.

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