Collagen Protein

Not one for jumping on the latest band wagon, but this, along with CBD is the new miracle cure and general “marginal gains” powder…

Any one use it? Or have experience of it?

Science and wild speculation are both welcome in equal measure.

ive never heard anything of it other than in support of tendon & ligament repair? Ive used it for this and as a supplement when doing strength stuff and think its a valuable aid

I’ve heard of people drinking bone broth to speed I jury recovery. No idea if there is any science behind it. Never looked.

I don’t know but wouldn’t it be broken down into its constituent amino acids?


I put hydrolysed marine collagen powder in my breakfast smoothie every day for 3 years now. About 20g a time. I get through about 0.5kg a month. Can’t say I’ve noticed any benefits, but then I wouldn’t. Purported benefits for skin health and faster ligament repair. I rarely get running injuries but probably coincidental.

I buy this brand and I’ve only ever had 1 pack with a “marine” smell. They sell it in either tubs or packets. Most recently I’ve bought Hunter Gatherer brand because they offered 50% off if buying direct. Seems fine, but slight marine smell.

I read an interesting article recently on gelatin that also mentions hydro collagen:

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This link is a nice a one pager