Commuting & Winter Riding Thread

I have these ones:

On offer at the min too.

When its proper cold and wet I use these underneath:

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Awesome thanks for that. 23 quid seems decent :+1:t2:

Edit - ah the buggers won’t deliver and the closest shop is Reading!!

I think so, it’s quite bright enough for me. I have it on a seatpost - obvs - where it is sheltered from the worst of the weather by a saddlebag & mudguards.

Edit:- I think @Matthew_Spooner recommended the Moon Mizar (front light equivalent) a few months ago which pointed me in the direction of the Alcor.

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I have one of the Carnac (PX) aero road helmets; the ventilation is so limited, that it makes for a good winter helmet! I usually only need a buff around my ears, even with no hair on top!

I love my moon lights on the back. Got loads of different sorts, prob one of the best is
Really handy seat rail mount - so use them on the TT in summer on day flash. Never seems to run out of battery before I charge it. Got this, the moon shield, and another variant - all been faultless.

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For me it’s standard bib short, long sleeve tech shirt (free when TFN collapsed) with Biemme windstopper jacket (c.£18 from Planet X), buff under the standard helmet, if it gets really cold then a skull cap but that pisses me off as the left side rides up over my ear. Gloves are a mitts and the inner gloves from my Lewis Kit double glove set, when it’s a bit colder then the mitts go and it’s the inner and outer of the Lewis Kit.

Use the same in the wet, if it’s wet enough to go through the jacket then it’s time to get in the car.

SKS raceblades here too.

Lights are Exposure Mxx-D front plus a Blackburn helmet mounted light. Rear is an Ace c. £25 on the seat post (half price or less because the packaging was torn!) and a Stix on the helmet.

That’s one of my pet hates with Go Outdoors. Stuff is cheap, but not available for delivery and only in a tiny amount of stores

I have a Moon saddle mount still on my Canyon; the light was another lost-property light I inherited (people often get posted-out and just leave kit lying about here!), but that died a while back. So another Moon is a good shout.

A year or so back I liberated a pannier that was caked in dust on top of the lockers; asked about, and no-one claimed it. It had the Exposure Flare and 2x Moon lights left in it! I think it had been there so long though, that the rechargeable Moon lights had pretty much died a death and didn’t last me long at all.

If you are commuting really regularly, i’d go for the SKS Bluemels instead of the raceblades… its not that the raceblades aren’t good, its just the bluemels are a bit more robust, and IME survive better for daily use.

I’d also seriously consider a Garmin Varia radar rear light if you are on roads regularly… they are a properly awesome bit of kit… I also eventually succumbed to a Cycliq Fly front and rear camera for self defence… :frowning:

Also recently picked up one of the reflective Carnac Notus helmets when Planet X were knocking them out for £21, absolutely cracking helmet for the money and lights up like a Christmas tree when headlights shine on it, much like the Proviz gear, just much cheaper. Colour is good in normal daylight conditions too

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That’s what I use too. I have one on the front as well (I mount mine the opposite way round so the rubber cover is facing upwards, so no chance of losing it)

I also use a second rear light, it is rechargeable, had it for years, I will have a look at the brand when I get home.


Bike: Cinellli Gazetta Della Strada comes fitted with guards and racks
Lights: Lezyne Macro (you want 100s of lumens if you are on real country roads at night, city lights won’t cut it and off-road are too strong)
Panniers: Carradice (you don’t want back sweat in winter)
Clothing: Neoprene overshoes, merino socks, leg warmers under thermal long bibs, base layer, wind proof/rain resistant jersey and gillet, long finer windproof gloves, cycling cap under helmet, clear lens glasses. (Layers everywhere, but your feet WILL get cold and wet…HTFU)


I’m a bit of a fanboy of Galibier’s kit, primarily their winter stuff.

I’ve got their Foul Weather Gilet, Mistral tights, Mistral Foul Weather Jacket, several pairs of their Fire Feet socks & Mistral Toe Covers.

My favourite bit of kit is their Elysee Leather Gloves. Admittedly I look like a cross between Alan Partridge & a Bond villain but they work from 2-13degC & feel great.

I take my hat off to you all. I seriously cannot think of anything worse than commuting on a bike. Riding in winter/winter bike, I get that but commuting? shove that.

My bike commute is quicker than driving (30 mins vs 40 mins)… saves me 3 or 4 quid each way which gets spent on tri kit, and supercharges your bike legs over the course of months…

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My commute is 50miles each way but if it was 5miles, I still wouldn’t do it. Run maybe, not ride.

Currently same as Mr Magna in distance and £££, mornings like today make it all worth it, quality dry cold and slightly hazy, trouble is it ends up with me being at work

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My old commute (I only did it once per week - unlike @Adam) was 26km and took about an hour.
Driving also took a touch over door to desk.
Train takes around 80 minutes door to desk.

You just get up, fall into your cycling kit, neck a coffee, shove a banana into your jersey, clip the panniers on, set the lights flashing and get going.
Shower and brush teeth at work.
End up at your desk at the same time as driving.

5 miles, to me, is fine - But I’d probably invest in some Rapha/Levi’s commuter casual wear to wear to work and just spin it really easily.
Walking waterproofs over them on really wet days.

It’s when you’re slightly too far away for a commute which is really annoying. 30km is probably the limit of what I’d be comfortable with.


Yes I’m probably around my limit for time spent and distance.

I had to take the car in last week. 19 odd miles, I left work around 5:30 - got home 2 hours later. Absolutely fuming. The train is just as shite as well. The slow train from Hampton Court to Waterloo always arrives late. You can change at Surbiton to get a quicker train but you lose your seat and will have to stand. The trains are super crowded too. If I don’t then run the 4ish km to work I’d get the Bakerloo line to Embankment. Change to Circle/District to Tower Hill then walk - feck that!! I’ll take the bike :slightly_smiling_face: