Commuting & Winter Riding Thread

I read this and immediately assumed that ‘South Korea’ was code for something else … :rofl:


Mouth career - ASMR artist.

Mockney rhyming slang, innit.


Yes, fair enough, you can certainly go a lot brighter. I’ve found the dim setting fine for unlit roads at night when trying to maximise battery life, and the bright setting good enough for off-road riding. Nearly always rural, dry, and dark, rather than semi-urban, wet, and busy, though.

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Just back from a 1h45 ride in 5°c can’t feel my toes.

I have some cheap Carnac toe covers. Do full overshoes make a difference? Any decent brands to look for preferably with a BF discounts.

I also went with my medium weight windproof gloves which weren’t warm enough. That’ll teach me, either use the thin liner or wear the thicker gloves at this temp.


I used cheap neoprene overshoes from Aldi or Lidl. They work to keep the wind chill off and reasonably dry, but summer shoes still have holes in.

For ultimate comfort proper winter cycling boots are best.

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I switched to neoprene overshoes and a decent pair of merino socks and never had any problems.

** when I used to ride outside and was a hard northerner :joy:


I’m onto my second pair of PlanetX neoprene overshoes, the first are very tatty now but over 15 years old.
They were £15, velcro fastening, nothing to go wrong.

Was chilly out there this morning, first proper winter ride of the season.


:rotating_light: :rotating_light: Full winter kit alert :rotating_light: :rotating_light:

That was a bit fresh, knew it was going to be fresh. Wasnt expecting my gears to start taking about 5 seconds to shift then halfway in my back brake has frozen (hoping just the cable needs a bit of TLC - but no movement at all on the lever so suspecting that might be the cable snagged in there).


Brave man :grimacing:

I was swimming this morning so was in a car today. Even so, I don’t think I would have cycled in. The heavy showers that came through last night had frozen solid & left the roads & - in particular - cyclepaths in a treacherous condition.

Going to be like this for a few days I think.


Was largely just frost here - only ice was on a few puddles here and there.
Roads were fine - few cycle paths had a bit more covering than I’d like.

Won’t enjoy the ride back if I can’t sort this brake. Its pretty useless when its working; but there’s just something about being able to squeeze if that feels like you are stopping quicker.


Yep, time for the turbo :disappointed:

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I’m planning to cycle in on Friday and forecast is -3 here so I think it’ll be time for the lobsters to make their first appearance of the year, nanu nanu!


Neoprene overshoes make a massive difference. Shoes and socks on the radiator (this is a game-changer - same with gloves), then straight on warm, add overshoes, and go. Issue is more often unpleasant, sweaty dampness - would you like photos? - than cold feet.

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I’ve never thought that. Agreed that when you first put them in they’re nice but I feel as soon as you head out into the cold that benefit evaporates!


Spicy ride to the station this morning :snowflake::face_with_peeking_eye:

If I thought that was spicy!
Holy moly - Ungritted bike lanes on 28mm tyres and Fixie was SUPER SPICY :hot_pepper::flushed:

Glad I’m not riding 18km back from Macc and am straight home tonight :white_check_mark:


Morning earthlings :alien:


Those PX lobster gloves are excellent for the price :+1:


Yeah, I only wear them on the very coldest days as they’re too warm the rest of the time.

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Ive got some - but just couldn’t get used to them. Warm :100:%

Why it makes my hands feel so restrained/claustrophobic almost I do not know.
After Wed’s commute and having not much in the way of a rear brake, I bailed on the ride today.


When I wore them on my road bike I found my hands/fingers ached after a ride. I think it was instinctively trying to move individual fingers and not being able to. I only really ride the Brompton at the moment and I don’t get the same effect on that as with the combined road brake/shifters.