Concept 2 Ski Erg

Anyone go to a gym in the London area which is equipped with a Ski Erg?

PureGym near me has them

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am thinking of buying one

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Got these in work now

A cheaper version but distance is very similar to the C2 version

They have the c2 version on my outside gym

1 k ski
1 k run x8

Is a brill session. I’ve heard some people using them to help there swim?!
I’m not convinced but they said it worked for them

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My DL has 2

I saw these a few months ago and my first thought was it would be a good swim ergo for cost compared to a Vasa. Especially as a few like TTowel have said they felt that using a row ergo helped their swim fitness. Sure swimming is better but you know…

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we have a C2 rower so the ski erg would be a good complement as both give a good body workout focusing on different muscle groups.

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These are a staple of CrossFit, probably my favourite machine.

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I’m signed up to a Hyrox in January, they utilise the ski and row erg.


A bit spendy though. I bet they don’t let you share a PM5 between a ski and a row erg, to save a bit if you bought both?

Ski erg is first exercise ?

Row near the end…?!
Those wall balls are just silly.

Great competition that

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Bought a c2 ski erg just ahead of first lockdown. Find it’s a great exercise for my dodgy back and helps with core/upper body as mainly just cycling now.

Gives a good bang for buck for shorter sessions.

You can use apps like PainSled or RowedBiker which will transmit a Bluetooth signal as if from a cycling pm so you can use the cycle training platforms like zwift/trainerroad etc.

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100 of the bastards!!!

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I’ve done them 4 times

Last one was with the correct ball at the right height. No stops.

But at the end of all that some people were going them in 5”s !

The burpee jumps gave me such a bad back I had to stop, shame as I was progressing too.

5 mins per exercise/ run is 1:20 total sounds easy but that fatigue just builds and builds in the legs.

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From this thread and Mr’s use of roller ski’s I went looking for one in the gym today (I never go on the machines) and used it for 5 mins after spinning. It was ace. Definitely using that agin. As @Wells says it’s a great workout for core and back.


What time are people doing 10k on these things?

Anyone tried?

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I’ve a time of 23:39.1 for 6k on the SkiErg, never attempted at 10k TT.

The best time recorded on the C2 rankings last season for 10k was 33:19.9 :muscle:


Bloody hell !

I might have a go next week… i won’t be threatening those times ( by a long way) but it’s probably faster than I could run 10 k in this shape…

I’ve been a bit slack this year but have for

Half marathon

On the Skierg

C2 website has some pretty impressive times from people smashing it but o was happy to hold my own pace.

For the half marathon linked up with a mate, via zwift, and we both knocked out a Skierg half while linking to zwift. He was faster than me big kindly held on for a little while after he’d hit goal to get us both over the line. We used the pm5 on c2 as arbitrator of our distance and ignored zwift distances.


21 kms on that thing?