Consistency thread

Can admins move @SidSnot post from “One thing you can change” to this thread. His post and chart is brilliant

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I’m not as good as @SidSnot, however, pretty proud of my ability to train constently


I don’t do bad. With breaks for Christmas and holidays.
The advantage of working my shift pattern is that there are plenty of opportunities to train during the week.


I’m consistent at poached eggs, does that count?

Fairly obvious I was all in for the Sausage Fest in July :smiley:.

Thereafter - despite my back playing up a couple of times - I focussed on my running speed work & more recently on bumping up my power for the National Hill Climb Champs.


I’ve no idea why might starts so low (other than run volume was pants).


Am I being a dunce? Does not automatically pull your data from Strava? Or is this for paid up subscribers and not cheapskates?

Pulls straight from Garmin I believe. And it does that for free, but you can choose a subscription which is mega cheap. ( like many people, I do subscribe ).

I’m a cheapskate. I believe all data should be pulled from Strava but for some reason it failed to use some data in Feb which skewed my graphs.

They have issues with Strava I seem to remember. They can only pull so much data per month before it becomes too expensive. I think an email went round about swapping to Garmin for data.

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Ah nuts, that’s annoying as all my rides are pulled from my Wahoo for which there isn’t a Wahoo/garmin link

Although my profile is showing nothing on it at all

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Does intervals not like Wahoo?

It doesn’t look like they offer a direct link.

I’ve managed to pull across the last three months from Strava now, no idea why it hadn’t been doing it automatically though

Great news! Most of us don’t need to worry too much about consistency. We already have it dialled in:


That’s got nothing on the devotee badge!


The guy that developed Intervals is a member here. I remember him commenting on the thread.

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Been playing with my fitness tracking spreadsheet. About 4 years of data, showing my CTL and 12 months rolling CTL.

That is what 4 years of pretty hard training looks like.
I’ve done more hours in 2022 than 2021, but CTL is lower, partly because I am training at lower intensity, but also my FTP is higher, CSS is higher and Threshold pace is faster, so the same workout gets less TSS thingys

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Having been mentioned at the beginning of the thread and as I’ve come to the end of the Kona build phase, thought I’d post some of my TP charts for anyone who’s interested.
There’s no secret sauce to anything I do; its pretty much the same week in/week out under the guidance of Russ Cox
Below is a big week from build, but the structure is the same week in/week out(on this one I took the friday off work to do the long bike):-

This has given me a 14:30 hour, 830TSS and 0.75IF average per week. On below the spike is Lanza Training camp with the 2 troughs being post IM Lanza and Covid

The vast majority(93%) is in HR Zone 1 or 2 with the odd venture into 3 and 4 during the threshold sessions. Not being as young as I used to be, for me what has helped maintain consistency and avoid injury(expect the foot back in March which was from pushing a threshold session too much) is keeping it in zone 1 or 2 and incorporating a 10min build warm up and 5 min cool down in each and every session.
Below is from a progression run

This then all adds up to a nice looking PMC :slight_smile:

So there we go. It all adds up. What it means for Kona, who knows but we’ll find out soon. I’ve yet to execute a “perfect” Ironman race, Bolton was close(except for the 20min puncture stop). As well as consistent across a season I’ve also learned recently to be consistent on the bike by trying to keep VI low, Sundays ride was 220W AP, 225W NP = 1.02 VI. I only started with a power meter last May and its really helped


Great prep for Kona, when do you travel? Russ mentored (not really coached) me for a year, he’s a good guy.

One of the biggest benefits of using a PM was learning to keep VI Low. When I started, I couldn’t get below 1.12 and often 1.2 if I was riding in the mountains. Now it rarely goes above 1.05, I can’t imagine what I was doing before as I really don’t have to think about it now. In Kona, I am targeting 230w AP and 240w NP

Maybe see you out there

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We’re heading out Friday, staying up in Waikaloa
I get on well with Russ, simple approach to coaching, nothing overly complicated
Maybe see you out there.
We’ll definitely give you a shout on Thursday

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