Cotswold 113 #halfIRONWAR

Yes, they then slagged off Barca and the drafting (but c’mon, not drafating, in a pace line, that’s how to do a nice easy 5:10 bike and run 3:25 off the bike)


I’ve just opened a fresh bag of Waitrose #1 Java coffee, things can only get more hyped from here.

I should be easy to spot out on the bike, my frame is now Porsche Miami Blue :sunglasses:

Best colour ever for Stuttgart’s finest.
My last two have been black, one with sparkles!!

I had one in Lapis Blue; fab in direct sunlight. But that was before I got married and we had kids. Now everything goes on a 200 year old house; it’s endless.

The way you ran recently, I wouldn’t have particularly high expectations that I can run you down. Especially as I’m coming in with pretty poor bike fitness, which is likely going to hamper my run even more

Mine never moves
2010 with 35 k on it.
1-2 k a year
Goes well…

What is it? I ‘only’ had a Boxster S, it looked great with the 911 5-spokes on it. No traction, so scared myself a couple of times in the wet over in Germany. Managed a GPS 164mph on the Autobahn before I had to lift-off.

This one is a Cayman S.
Nice thing…
I had a 911 ( 964 ) sold it cheap as I was skint…
Worth five times what I sold it for now…!
Thems the breaks I guess

yeah, that’s low interest rates making classic values go through the roof.

I saw a Cayman 918 in Miami Blue at the Gym the other day. Gert lush.

That’s the alloy bodied small turbo one.
I’ll probably get a boxster in that shape next, the interiors are beautiful on those.

You can’t fit a bike in them and the SUVs look dog rough :face_vomiting:

Back to the event…nice Morning efforts on the run for me, then a midday “training” session to get some fivers for the farmer and BTF.
Also got my Ibuleve and codeine

Just as a heads up, I’ve noticed this ridewithgps version of the route is different from the mapmyride version. Specifically around Down Ampney at approx 29 / 73km and also the ridewithgps version is short of going around the roundabout at 8 and 52km.

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I’ll just follow the leaders, as I won’t be coming out of the swim in 25 mins!

Apparently the turn by RAF Fairford (Kempsford) around a triangular grass island is a bit rough, so caution was advised by the chap I know who recce’d the course. The only bit of the new course I’ve never ridden is the first out & back by the A419, but that’s very straightforward from what I’ve seen of it.

Fricking ridewithgps :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Cheers - much appreciated, I’ll have a Zoom right in

@Poet PMd you

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Well…what a huge 30 second difference that made - LOL!
However, the original had missed the only “hill” on the course up to RAB

Matt, I’m still expecting you to do the etape the week before, it will be fun honest :lying_face:

Did I tell mention about the time I did a 140K ride the week before an IM, and then PB’d


Chest, belly, legs and face now shaved = 3W
Nutrition is all packed.
Wetsuit repairs have been completed - the Black Witch is curing.
Helmet is polished :wink:
Bike has been cleaned.
Waiting to decide if I should put the new chain on?

Got a short run and maybe a bike planned in for tomorrow (bike is weather dependant and if I CBA when I arrive at Swindon)

Are you doing a Mike Pigg and going topless then? :upside_down_face:

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