Cotswold 113 #halfIRONWAR

Why you wave 5 @wheezy :pensive:

Sad times.
When do they start? 25 minutes after Wave 1?

My goal is to be showered and changed by the time @Jorgan finishes

The only shower you’ll get is if it rains.

Waves are 10 minutes apart iirc

Sorry, didn’t get my act together to get into wave 1. I’ll watch you boys swim and give you some pointers. :wink:

Are there no showers or change facilities?
Or is this your “fighting talk” :joy: :speak_no_evil:

I too am not missing IM training. Not that I’m up to half IM training yet! Attempted a 2.5hr Wattbike effort this morning and couldn’t manage more than 1hr45m. Had a 6K treadmill and a very short swim this afternoon so at least some training is taking place.


Wave 5 for me also. #527


Actually thinking about it, there is a changing room with showers, for use by people swimming at the lake - but it’s tiny. I always just wait until I get home.

I made it into the elite wave (that’s wave #1 right?)

Just hoping I get out of the water before the front of wave 2. Could be tight.

Wave 1 is the least congested wave, for the first lap on the bike, & run, then it starts to fill-up. When there used to be more waves, in wave 1, you’d pick-up people starting the bike from the later waves at the start of lap 2…it was a nice little legal drafting boost; sitting off the back of people with fresh legs!

Oh @Poet - you may want to refresh yourself on drafting zones…it’s changed to 10m (Sprint/Std) & 12m (MD/LD) during your hiatus!

See my comment above :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s just what “the rules” say.
I’ve seen the photos and watched the TV.

Nobody obeys that.
10/12m is FRICKING HUGE!!!

How many seconds do you have to pass someone at that length?
If they’re doing 35kmh and I’m doing 36.5kmh, how long is it going to take me to pull in front of them, without surging?

You can bet as f*** that I’ll be sitting up and slamming all on after each pass

You can’t shelter behind normal traffic!!!
Since when??? WTAF?!?!

12m behind motorbikes and 35m behind other vehicles.

I bet that isn’t enforced. How far even is 35m???

25 seconds to pass…gap is 12m, plus three metres for the diagonal and slotting back in…

That’d take 36 seconds at the speeds above. FFS!!!

To come in under 25s, speed would need to go up from 36.5kmh to 37.25kmh, that’s quite a large power surge for 24 seconds!!!

Now I see why there is zero overtaking in Kona.
All about keeping that VI as close to 1.00 as you can get it

^^ Now you know how AGers can go so fast in some of these events.

Do we need a list? Fill it in people.

Wave 1

Wave 2

Wave 3

Wave 4

Wave 5
Wheezy No. 635 Target 4:59:59

That’s fricking Kona, from this year (2018)
Is that how people who ride 5:10-5:30 over here can do 4:50-5:10 at Barcelona, Brazil etc?

And those five hours of soft pedalling obviously make the run a proper piece of cake!!!

This sucks, I wanna join em and draft my way to a sub10

That’s actually the worst pack photo I’ve seen (it’s actually a procession, not a pack). But in the past I’ve posted pics of packs of 20+ in some Euro events, whilst my wife has been waiting for me to cycle past. Funnily enough the big packs were all ahead of me :neutral_face:

Actually that was as long ago as '09. I’ve gone solo to every LD event since; apart from them coming to see me finish the 226. But even in the 226 the guy who came 2nd was DQ’d for several cases of outside assistance & pacing.

At least I can kind of understand it at Kona. Mass start. Everyone pretty good. Inevitably a lot of people are going to end up sharing the same space early on.

This at Texas last year was more shocking (IMO):

They look quite slow for a pack. Seems to be playing normal speed.

Back in January, Jorgan said:

“Poet definitely hedging his bets! Last I heard he was going to run a 4:17/km Half…”

I previously said this:

Swim: 30:05
T1: 00:03
Bike: 02:26
T2: 00:02
Run: 01:30
Total: 04:32

But now think more like this:
Swim: stay on someones feet, keep in nice and easy, like Clairol.
T1: First rule of transition, don’t be in transition
Bike: 83% FTP / 0.83 IF, VI max of 1.02
T2: Second rule of transition, don’t be in transition
Run: Ease up to 156bpm after 5km, maintain that for another 10km, then if I can, crank it up to 162bpm.

Do we need a list? Fill it in people.

PCP 4:50
straightouttabrompton ?
Johnny5 ?

Wave 1
Jorgan No. 24 Target: Operation HalfIronWar (he wants to defy time with a 4:38)
Poet No. 16 Target: Operation HalfIronWar (i will overbike and die on the run, but he still won’t catch my lard arse)
Buzz ???

Wave 2

Wave 3

Wave 4

Wave 5
Wheezy No. 635 Target 4:59:59 (he said 4:49 on the old site)
Andy G No. 527 Target sub5?

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