Cotswold Classic / 113

Anyone doing this tomorrow?

Must be one of the first half (or any?) Tri event to run this year.

Was swimming at lake 32 on Friday and they had all the toilets nicely spaced out and I know they have reduced numbers and altered the starting arrangement.

Anyway, best of luck to anyone toeing the line, sure you’ll have a blast :grin:

Good luck anyone racing tomorrow?

I think Jorgan and Poet have done this one…

Fast course?

Yeah I think they are running the revised bike course that they raced last year (due to badger activity :joy:). Fast course either way :+1:


Yeah, last years 113 was RAPID.
Zero hills.

I stopped to pick my BTA bottle up, reattached it.
Also stopped to reattach my saddle bag.
Still did a 2:26. It’s a proper 90km course, too.


Booked in for the 113 in 6-7 weeks so interested in how this works out

@stenard is I believe

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31:55 for the swim
2:20 for T1
2:24 on the bike
1:20 through T2…

…well on track for a sub 4:30 :+1:t3::muscle:t3::running_man:t4:‍♂

Anyone else to track?


Just saw his bike split.

In for a good day

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Hope his run speed has continued from earlier in the year, he could do well…

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Seems like he’s going well.

11/10th age cat (18/49)

Smashed it!
Looks to me like he’s 7th overall???

Splits add up to more than his overall time?
I guess the swim time needs two minutes taking off, maybe? If he was in a later wave?
Perhaps a rolling start and the swim time includes from when the clock started, but overall subtracts this?

C’mon @stenard ! Let us know


Yep bang on.

Run has just updated - 1:29

Cracking effort


Well done @stenard - that’s a great result :star_struck::partying_face:

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Marching through the field. That’s the way to do it.

Consistently good performances over all 3 legs…well done :muscle::clap::clap:

Cracking performance. Sub 90 run on a hot weekend shows good bike pacing.

Has he not done a 9:5… Ironman?

So in theory sub 4:30 is possible, a great performance though.

Very nice :+1:

Top bombing @stenard

Great racing @stenard