Custom Running kit

Hi everyone,

I’m involved in the committee for my local run club and our current kit is rather dated and could do with a refresh of the singlets and t shirts and really would like to move towards some modern and nicer materials. Does anyone have any recommendation for some kit suppliers who do good quality running kit (predominately singlets and t shirts interested in) and what price do you pay per item if known?

There was a discussion in “2021 goals” about kit around early Jan… It might be worth chatting to those guys?

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Our club gets stuff from RaceSkin. Seems pretty decent.

Apex clothing.

Made us three tops for IMUK 2020.

Mostly cycling based but well worth a call, fantastic prices and customer services.

+1 for raceskin. They make a few club kits around here as they’re local being based in Huddersfield. When they released the pink and blue suit for Kit Walker I got in touch as suits don’t really fit. Went to their office tried a few suits and separates on. They made a separates in the pink and blue for me at no extra cost. No idea how many units they made but defo very short run. I have some of their cycling kit and it is good.

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-1 for Apex.
Their sizing is all over the place and the materials feel cheapAF.

I ordered according to their sizing charts and everything seems to fit a small child.

Once you have it, that’s it.
No returns.

Tactic and Giordana for cycling are good.
But BioRacer is another one who’s sizing is off the chain poor.
Plus, our club kit seems to have eight different versions of our red - even on the same size and material of kit.
So it’s a -1 for BioRacer, too.

85? Quid for three tops, with logos, names and pockets were we wanted them in 4 weeks delivered first class.

Material feels like early assos, quite breathable to be honest.

Wore it loads, no fade, no size alteration

Rookie lives in his !

You must have got a bad batch ?!

We use PB teamwear, think they’re ok and do other merch, not just vests.

they are not a renowned club kit supplier, but i use Fusion for my coaching/training/racing kit and am very impressed with it…

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My club use Champion System, they do a whole range of cycling, running and casual stuff.

thanks guys. Ive sent a couple of inquiry emails out to some of the suggested so will see what comes back:)

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Just bumping this for a quick question…

Has anyone had club/custom kit from Owayo?

I’m sort of between sizes - it depends whether I’m flexing my swimmer’s lats :muscle: :smile: - & not sure which way to go with a cycling top.

(Just in case this is ever looked at again.)

Fortunately I sized down when ordering & I’ve got a reasonable fit. A lot of the lads are now having to swap around to find a smaller jersey :smile:.