Cycle with Ali Brownlee

1.5 hours on the turbo whilst chatting and listening to Ali Brownlee. An intriguing approach for a two time olympic champ to make some income but fair play to him.

Probably not the worst way to hang out with a group of friends and do something semi-social other than getting pissed on a group video chat.

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He doesn’t quite seem the natural personality to pull it off as well as others, but it’d be interesting nome the less and worth him giving it a go, nothing to lose.
I’d baulk at the cost but others have got away with similar, Chrissie Wellington used to do organised runs with motivational talks.

Funds go to the Foundation, so charity rather than income.

I’d be interested, must get awfully repetitive for him though!

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Did you see the pics of his pain cave? Had his bike set up in a shed. There was a railing that ran directly overhead, the length of his bike. Stuffed at the front of that railing was a giant plastic sheet. So it looked like a proper home made sweaty torture chamber. His idea of budget Kona prep maybe?

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Good spot GB, it could also be a hyperbaric/hypobaric oxygen chamber of the sort Chris Boardman made use of?

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I can’t see that pic but I did see the partially painted breezeblocks - so we have something in common! :sweat_smile:

Think it was on his insta stories last night

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If you click on the link above there’s a run through of half a dozen or so pictures, one of which AB’s on a turbo. That’s the one I noticed.

Edit:- Here’s a screenshot…

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Budget Tokyo prep as well.

Although with Tokyo now 2021 he gets a free hit at Kona 2020, armed with lessons learned, one of his longest injury free spells and (unlike many pros) he’s already on the start line.

Hadn’t thought of that, very good if Kona goes ahead

He’s wearing far too much clothing to be on the turbo in!

Fair play to him. What’s probably more interesting then that he’s using AirBnB for this. Looking at the dates available it looks like he’s only doing this 4 times over the next few weeks.

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Looks like AB has an endless pool in his garage.