Cycling clothing help!

I’m currently in the market for some new cycling apparel and was wondering if you could recommend any reliable retailers. I’m specifically looking for high-quality jerseys, shorts, and accessories.

If you’ve had positive experiences with any particular online or local stores, I’d greatly appreciate your suggestions. The best place I’ve seen so far is Appin Sports.

Quality and comfort are my top priorities, so any insights into brands or specific products would be incredibly helpful.

The market is risky for cycling gear. loads of knock off stuff sold by the Del Boys. Good for dusters and stuff I find mind

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Huub and they have a cycle discount week running now

Appin Sports is a custom kit company so I’m not sure you’re looking in the right direction. There are plenty of other quality kit retailers out there if you let Mr Google do the heavy lifting.

Whatever retailer is UK based and comes up cheapest and pay by Mastercard. Never had a single issue myself. Embrace retailer disloyalty :rofl:

Clothing is all about fit. Assos, Castelli, Le Col, PENIS, Rapha (urghh) whatever fits. SportsPursuit have lots of Castelli currently with >=50% off and I’m sorely tempted by a new Gabba or Perfetto RoS for Autumn/Spring. I wish I hadn’t just looked :money_mouth_face:

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This. 100%.

I’ll get in there before @Poet sends in his ode to Rapha.


My go to brand is Assoss, but it’s over priced, so I only buy when it’s on sale, their winter kit is exceptional.

For TCR I used Odlo Kit which was really nice - despite 185 hours in the saddle over 13 days I had no issues

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My recent brand to stock up new kit is Le Col, I like as it Rapha lasts forever

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Castelli is my favourite kit but generally buy when discounted, often from wiggle’s ebay shop. Endura is possibly the best value IME. Great kit but not expensive relative to brands like Castelli, etc.