Cycling into / out of Manchester

Anyone (@Poet?) got a decent route (i.e. as traffic free as possible)

  • Into Manchester, maybe from Tatton Park
  • Out of Manchester towards Chew Valley

I’m going in for the Sparks concert in May and then heading over to Sheffield where we’re staying for a few days - wife will be driving the car over.

There are a couple of Warren 100 climbs I plan to do (Chew Valley being top of the list) but I have plenty of time so happy to meander across if anyone has any good ideas on routing :slight_smile:



I used to cycle into Manchester from Tatton!
Although I’m a dangerous daredevil, so used to risk life and limb on the A56.

Best bet is;

Tatton Mile to Hale…down Victoria Road (it feels like you’re going the wrong way down a one way, but bikes are allowed that way!) then through Altrincham as straight as possible to the Gardeners Arms (WA15 6SQ)
Follow that road round the canal until the bridge.
Over the road bridge, then through Newton Park, join the path, then into the Bridgewater Way.

From there, it’s all plain sailing into Manchester :+1:t3:
You can stick on it and go all round Old Trafford to get into Manchester. But it’s full of millennials not givingAF about cyclists, even when you’ve a bell :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I’ll comment on a few routes now for you.

EDIT: if you don’t mind a non-direct route, then maybe get dropped off at Lymm/Latchford Locks and just take the Trans Pennine Trail to Dunham Massey-ish, then switch onto the Bridgewater Canal there?

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@Cobbie - Chew Valley as in Dovestones Reservoir?

That climb up to Saddleworth and down into Holmfirth is FRICKING AWESOME :heart_eyes:
My fave climb bar none.

It’s extremely urban getting out there from Manchester - what tyres do you have?
You should be fine on 28mm following a canal path or two to Marple - it’s then nice from there (but that’s a detour!)

Otherwise probably Ashton Canal straight to Greenfield, then get on the road to Dovestones when you see a big Tesco :+1:t3:

EDIT; also, that Chew Road in the book is a dead end and has a lot of gravel and gullies. It’s the one where that guy got a train up from London, walked up there, then killed himself :exploding_head:

That was my first thought, then over Holme Moss north-south.

25 front / 28 rear … will look at that route

That’s the one, I used to go rock climbing up there (Whimberry) so have always wanted to cycle it

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Hadn’t thought of that. Was thinking of heading into Staffordshire to make it longer but actually, this would be a bit different.

I could detour to do a selfie with Frank too :slight_smile:

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And I’ll wave as you go by.

They’ve resurfaced the TPT for the section through Lymm with rubberised “stuff” (no idea what the tech term is) so it’s not bad for cycling through these days. But from the heatley crossing onwards it’s back to the gravel route.

You could also have a stop at the cider farm in Dunham if it’s a good sunny day.

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A stop at a cider barn is always a good thing.
My mum lives close to some kind of national cider & perry collection in East Sussex - it’s essentially a barn full of casks and you buy it in 2/4 pint plastic milk bottles.

I need to think through how much stuff I’ll be taking. Quite likely I’ll be carrying more weight that when I went round Wales for 6 days as I’ll need to carry shoes :roll_eyes:

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@Cobbie - I mentioned you in this, but it’s 4 years old so not sure if it worked?

Got it, thanks. Looks like a good route all the way across, even for a non-gravel cyclist like me :slight_smile:

Quick detour to get a better selfie this time maybe?

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Which one are you?

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