DalesMan IM 2021 - Ripon, 22nd Aug

Sunday 22nd August 2021

"Full Distance 2.4 mile swim - 112 mile bike - 26.22 mile run

Half Distance 1.2 mile swim - 56 mile bike - 13.11 mile run

Quarter Distance 0.6 mile swim - 28 mile bike - 6.6 mile run

Aquabike option available across all distances"

First IM from those nice TriHard people who give us Helvellyn etc :sunglasses:

I will be in. :roll_eyes:
And that monkey hanging PeoplesPoet obvs :stuck_out_tongue:
Any one else?


Just to be clear - I’m not in for this one :see_no_evil:
It was discussed, and banned by the Home Office :rofl:

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I’m glad your in Stage 2 of negotiations then. WCPGW. See you on the Start Line.

Just tell the HO you won’t hang any :speak_no_evil: next month. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m thinking of the quarter, or possibly the half if there’s any entries.

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Hello, yeah I have entered this - first time over the full distance (had entered IMW for 2020/21 now 22!)

Went around the bike course at the weekend - not flat but quite a bit quicker than IMW course.

Does anyone have much insight on the run route? Is it accessible before the race day for a recce?


welcome Henry. :sunglasses:
anything to watch out for on the bike course?
run course is supposed to be flat, other than that, haven’t a cue.
But you’ll be so fecked, the main insight you’ll be trying to channel is to just maintain a steady sustainable pace!
(A Run - Walk strategy is the way to go btw )

Other than the bits on the actual race course you should be able to check out most of the run route before if you are local. It’s pretty much the same as the last Ripon tri.

You head out of T2 across a track, then pick up a road through a little village and turnaround, from approx 6.5k on the map on the site you go across the stream and I think you pick up a track, it was baking hot 2 years ago so the track was firm.

Some of the locals are quite good if it’s hot and might have a hosepipe ready.

Going on the basic map I’d say ~19-20 miles are on path\road. The last 1K on the course is likely to be on grass and at the end of the race won’t be much fun!

But as TC says, you’ll do well to find a flatter run course. This was my painful effort a couple of years ago, despite the time being very slow it wasn’t too bad compared to the rest of the field as the conditions were quite painful, but I’m a bit better in the heat.



Thanks for the welcome!

The bypass road around Ripon (A61) was pretty busy - although should be OK early in the day and only a few miles per lap on there. Couple of cattle grids after Masham on and off the moor.

Right bend and 36.4km needs caution (tight and steep down, but can carry speed afterwards if visible road clear).
Left turn at T junction 40.3km needs heavy braking cos a big descent leads into a blind junction view.
Narrow road over bridge in woodland at 50.3km (quick entry and light conditions make it bit tricky).

Worthwhile checking those 3 out on street view if you cant get around the lap beforehand.

Rest of it is pretty good - most of the descents you can carry speed out of which is nice. The last section of the lap looks flat on profile but is on fairly twisty roads so not quite as quick as I had hoped. Still TT bike course though if youve got that option. Should be good for around a 5:20-5:30 bike split for me I think if the weather is kind.


cheers for that Henry, and Jeff

Our peoplesPoet will be starting to get the cold sweats anticipating missing out on this. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just tell the HO you have to do it because of intense peer pressure from some twunt from Algerino Land. Local Pride on the line or summat. She’ll understand :sweat_smile:

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HA ha ha - She’ll be sick of the A1(M) by then - we’ll have just driven past there the weekend before :slight_smile:
I don’t fancy it, I’m so tired now.

Gonna try and find an “adventure” type event or a sprint (Ashbourne, Matlock and Southport all seem to have ones which look good!)

awwwww, ‘poor little’ Timmy Peeps is all tired :stuck_out_tongue: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

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I’m in for the half :metal:


I’m in for the full.

Should be great fun, back into triathlon after five year absence.

It’s shaping up to become a busy year for me


Do we need to change it to the 2022 version on Aug 21?