Datatag vs Bikeregister

Does anyone have any experiences of marking their bikes with either of these brands or any others?

Whilst my road bike and commuter aren’t particularly valuable, at best have 105 components so not really worth breaking into parts, I’m still a bit sore about having my garage broken into after a month of the first lockdown and losing all my bikes and turbo.

Has anyone had experience of getting bikes or parts back using any system? Or broken into sheds / garages and them being left?

I’m well aware that the police at best may do a half arsed check if they see a sticker (though unlikely) but I’d imagine any shops which may look to buy them may be more likely and therefore not really worth bothering with.

For £30 for each bike, the deterrent itself may provide a bit of peace of mind, as well as sticking an airtag in on them.

I’ve used Datatag in the past but never had to use their service so really can’t provide any more info.

I think you might be better off with an airtag as at least you can track it, even if the police aren’t interested

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Same here, got a datatag bundled with the purchase of a couple of bikes, added it to a few others, never had them nicked so the deterrent effect must work :sunglasses:

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